The Most Practical Self-Defense Weapons

The world is undeniably a dangerous place. Unfortunately, global crime rates prove that everyone is at risk of becoming a victim. Whether on your way to work, frequenting public transport systems, or going for a morning jog, there are countless instances in which you could encounter a criminal.

Even though you can’t entirely prevent all scenarios that might be dangerous, you can learn self-defense techniques and carry a self-defense weapon. There are quite a few different defense weapons on the market, which can leave you comparing bear spray vs. taser products without knowing which is a better buy.

With this, if you aren’t sure which self-defense weapon is best, we’ve rounded up a list of practical options for you.


Tasers are also known as stun guns, and these pocket-sized weapons have been a prominent choice for quite a few years. The device can deter potential threats by shocking an attacker, momentarily crippling them with excruciating pain.

There’s quite a vast assortment of tasers on the market, and some are more powerful than others. So, be sure to read the product’s specifications before purchasing.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a slightly safer option to consider. These tiny cans of spray contain a potent formula that can disarm an attacker by briefly leaving them unable to see. The pepper formulation also causes overwhelming pain, giving you enough time to get away.

These self-defense weapons are also available in a wide variety, with some small enough to fit onto your keychains and others disguised as lighters and other everyday items. However, pepper spray can expire, and some formulas are more effective than others.

Keychain Spikes

Keychain spikes are simple yet incredibly innovative self-defense weapons. These spikes are designed to blend in as a keychain accessory while doubling up as a handheld weapon.

Be sure to choose a keychain spike that’s comfortable to hold and crafted from high-quality metal that won’t break easily.

Emergency Self-Defense Alarm

An emergency self-defense alarm can also fit onto your keychain. These alarms serve as emergency panic buttons. When activated, nearby authorities and listed emergency contacts will receive a notification that you need help.

These alarms might not be weapons, although they are an excellent additional safety measure.

Credit Card Folding Safety Knife

These innovative safety knives are another practical option for self-defense. The knife is designed to resemble a credit card. Although, it folds out into a super sharp 3-inch blade. Due to the mechanism of this safety knife, there’s less risk of accidental injury or blade blunting.

Many self-defense weapons are on the market, making choosing the right one a bit challenging. The best approach is to consider the function and practicality of each weapon before making a decision. Moreover, remember that you can opt for a few different self-defense weapons. Even so, learning how to use your self-defense weapons correctly is crucial. For some weapons, it’s wise to opt for a training course, while others won’t require much skill.



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