The Modern Bachelor Pad: Design For The Mature Single Man

Historically, saying that a man lives in a bachelor pad was a bit derisive – it was a way of saying that he hadn’t really invested in his space or in a more adult identity. That being said, those bachelor pads generally belonged to young men, not long out of college. As the average age of marriage has increased, however, the bachelor pad has had to evolve with it. According to The Knot’s 2019 Real Weddings Study, men today don’t marry until age 34, on average. That means you have much more time, and more of an incentive, to hone your personal style.

If you’re ready to reexamine your bachelor pad’s styling, look no further than this guide to mature design. It’s time to redefine the bachelor pad as a stylish space for today’s single man, not the lawn chair and futon filled space of years past.

Consider Natural Materials

One of the worst traits of the traditional bachelor pad stereotype is its emphasis on cheap furniture, whether that’s pieces salvaged from the curb or family members, or just mass-produced items. Those might be fine for college bros, but you’re grown now, and your space should reflect that. To that end, look for ways to incorporate natural materials into your space, such as by caring for existing wood flooring or installing bamboo floors, introducing some plant life, and investing in solid wood furniture, rather than flat pack pieces that will fall apart within months.

Upgrade The Bathroom

Your bathroom is obviously a function-forward space, and that’s appropriate, but don’t pare things down so far that your bathroom doesn’t help you relax. Try adding some elegance to the space with a glass shower door, invest in plush towels, and choose toiletries that you genuinely look forward to using. Products like shower bombs or even simple essential oil additives can go a long way towards helping you unwind or wakeup as needed.

Prepare To Play Host

While you may not be having guests right now, eventually you’ll want to have people over to your home again, and you don’t want them eating off of paper plates. Make sure your kitchen or dining area has proper seating for at least a few guests, and check your cabinets for these essential pieces of cookware. While you may be able to forego a few items – not everyone needs bakeware, for example, especially if you’re short on space – you should have the equipment you need to make dinner that doesn’t come out of the microwave.

Emphasize Your Interests

Like any living space, yours should demonstrate your unique style and interests, but don’t start hanging sports posters just yet. Instead, consider other ways to display what brings you to life. Maybe you’re a man who keeps a carefully curated bar cart, or perhaps your library boasts biographies of athletes and musicians, alongside a vinyl collection. You don’t want to simply transfer the décor that was on your walls when you were younger to a new space. Rather, even as you express what excites you, pay attention to what those passions – and how you pursue them – say about you.

As with your physical appearance and how you groom and dress yourself, how you style your home communicates a lot about you. So, while your living room may not be the first impression of you that others get, when you do bring friends or dates home, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Your home may be your castle, but it’s also an extension of who you are, and you should treat it that way.



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