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SwimsuitSuccubus is a social media influencer, Twitch streamer and cosplay artist who rose through popularity with her many cosplay conventions. She also goes by the nickname Susu in her online presence.

She gained widespread popularity with the launch of her Instagram account in 2014, where she posts bikini-clad pictures from her trips to various locations around the world. In fact, Swimsuit Succubus is a self-professed explorer, and has been to over 30 countries.

SwimsuitSuccubus’ Instagram account contains more than 28,000 posts including pictures from Japan, Switzerland, the United States and many European countries. She also posts photos of her cosplay costumes for video game characters such as Asuna from Sword Art Online, Megurine Luka from Vocaloid, and Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Her page is also known for her videos which are part of the YouTube channel with more than 41k subscribers. Her photos have been featured in many popular websites such as Ziipr, Heavy, The Daily Dot, Cosplay Blogger, and many others.

SwimsuitSuccubus – Early life

Her birth date is on August 6, 1991 and although she was born in the United States of America, SwimsuitSuccubus is of Puerto Rican descent as indicated in her Twitter bio. Being a dedicated follower of Anime media culture since her early childhood, she initially watched through the popular ones in the genre such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon and DBZ and then moved onto the Manga culture in her preteen era.

SwimsuitSuccubus dressed with a cross

While scrolling through the site DeviantArt one day, she discovered many people in costumes of various anime and gaming characters of her liking. This was the first moment she recollects as gaining interest in the cosplay scene. Growing up, her primary interests were horror games, anime, manga, reading dark stories and gothic culture.

susu wearing dress

She also had an interest in Swimming and Swimsuits, which is where the origin of her online username came from. The character of Morrigan Aensland from the 2D Japanese fight game series of Darkstalkers has also contributed as an inspiration to her online alias. Her fondness for succubus costumes are also a contributing factor to her online name.

Career beginnings as Cosplay model 

Swimsuitsuccubus initially took up 3 different occupations at the same time, one of them notably was being a waitress at a restaurant. But despite working in 3 different gigs simultaneously, she still had a large struggle to compensate for her medical expenses as well as her former university loans. Her fame continued to rise due to her nude cosplay photos for shoots where she dressed up as characters such as 2B from Nier: Automata, Ahri from League Of Legends, and also Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers.

Swimsuit succubus

She couldn’t acquire any publicity until 2015 for her cosplay, although she has always had the habit of appearing in fancy character costumes since her early childhood. It was only till she started posting her costumed images on her social media platforms, that she started gaining some traction.

Growing success and increasing popularity 

Although she initially started publishing her work on her Tumblr profile starting in 2015, it wasn’t until she started posting more sexualized content her follower count boosted high and received positive reviews. It was one particular incident on the platform Reddit, that immediately raised her stock value when a Redditor cross posted one of her cosplay images on the platform, getting countless millions of upvotes in return.

susu smiling

Since then, her success and popularity has rocketed sky high due to her constant presence on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She then went on to create her own personalized website to promote more of her darker content as restrictions for sexualized content on social media increased.

Continued success and transition to Twitch

Swimsuitsuccubus then started looking into other platforms to promote her work despite making a considerable amount of output from her merch sales as well as cosplay gigs. This was when she first discovered Twitch and decided to embrace her previous habit of gaming through this platform.

susu american cosplay

Twitch is an online platform specifically dedicated to the gaming community, where experienced gamers could live stream and showcase their gaming skills through this site. Since she has already created a name for herself before that, added along with the fact that she has previous gaming experience since early childhood, made her adapt to this new platform relatively easier.

Retirement from modeling and recent ventures

Swimsuitsuccubus abruptly left the cosplay modeling industry presumably being upset about content theft and users who profited from her stolen content. She had considered retiring even before, when she got exhausted from the excessive amount of popularity and notoriety she was receiving.

Swimsuitsuccubus wearing glasses

However, she pulled through it for financial reasons as well as the lack of work pressure compared to her earlier jobs. An energy drink manufacturer called G-Fuel recently became affiliated with her for promotional reasons. She continues to lead her active social media presence as well as stream and promote games often through Twitch, most recently a horror game named “Dead by Daylight”. She also often visits cosplay and comic conferences as a special guest, most recently the DragonCon conference.

Personal life

She is often reluctant to speak out about her private life. Despite being in relationships with 3 other guys before, she openly identifies herself as a lesbian as of now. After a string of images were shared on the internet, of her kissing fellow streamer Bunny Ayumi, gossip came out that they might be in a romantic relationship sparking rumors of her being bisexual and lesbian.

SwimsuitSuccubus eating

Although some of her followers speculated that this might simply be done for marketing. However, the former rumors were eventually confirmed as true when a new YouTube channel started with both of them starring together. Bunny then went on to announce on her Twitter profile that their relationship had ended earlier this year.

susu wearing nice top

If you’re looking to chat with Susu or see her latest (less adult) work, then you’ll find her on Reddit. She’s surprisingly active there, posting photos of her life and chatting with her fans. It’s no wonder she has such a dedicated following.

I’m always curious what Internet personalities like this do for a living, though. It wouldn’t at all surprise me if she was a chemist or scientist of some kind.

It’s great that she uses her star status to raise awareness for issues like bullying. But I’m curious how she can balance things out, especially when she is constantly traveling around the world. It shouldn’t be too hard though since it seems like a fun and adventurous lifestyle.




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