Sugar Daddy Dating Evolves: Secret Benefits Reviews

With an estimated 11 million US millionaires, many of the rich and powerful are turning to sugar daddy dating in hopes of finding that perfect companion without all of the strings and risks attached that are often involved with conventional relationships.This being coupled with a skyrocketing amount of students with college debt, and nearly 8 million in student loan default, makes this otherwise unlikely duo a great match.

Students are struggling to pay for their higher education and lifestyle, so finding solace in wealthy benefactors that genuinely enjoy their companionship only makes sense. Funny enough, this often makes these relationships matches made in heaven, or in this case, matches made on the sugar dating site, Secret Benefits.

Since 2016, the site has watched membership dramatically increase and diversify with over 10 million monthly sessions and growing. Of course, not all of the members are millionaires and poor college students. According to SB, many are joining that simply don’t fill the typical sugar daddy and sugar baby stereotypes.

New Sugar Dating Dynamics

Societal norms are changing faster then ever including the typical sugar daddy and sugar baby. For instance, there are more sugar mamas than ever before, and benefactors that are young, middle-class, and attractive is not so strange to see.

Sugar dating is also seeing more young men as sugar babies as well as single moms, divorcees, and young professionals. There’s also an increasing number of people from the LGBT community finding companionship through sugar dating, yet the majority of sugar babies are still young women and sugar daddies are still mostly middle-aged men.

The nature of arrangement dating itself is also changing with the times. A lot of sugar babies just want their date to pick up the dinner tab or pay for drinks at a nice bar. Sometimes they just want to travel to places they haven’t before, or experience a 5 star hotel or Michelin restaurant that they otherwise would not be able to afford.

Believe it or not many sugar babies love the silver fox, and they simply prefer dating older men. They want to be with a refined and confident man that treats them with respect and engages them with interesting conversation. Often these types of arrangements include the benefactor acting as a mentor to their young companions as well as helping with professional connections.

Many that become sugar daddies, join simply wanting a hot date to an important function or event, or sometimes they may be looking for a commitment based on certain, upfront, terms and conditions. Of course, there are also those that are seeking a meaningful long-term relationship as much as there are sugar daddies that simply want good company and intimacy.

In fact, one of the few common denominators that the dynamic world of sugar dating seems to share is that it’s about being upfront, and going after specifically the kind of relationship you desire based on what you truly want and need. All the cards on the table. No guessing games. Your relationship. Your way.

That’s the appeal right there. I’m sure many of you reading this have spent time in the online dating world, and can think of a few dating experiences, or actual relationships, where there were misunderstandings and fights that cost you time, money, and stress because of 2 people with 2 different ideas and expectations in their heads from the onset of the relationship that almost certainly set it up for failure from the beginning. It’s no wonder so many give up on traditional dating after a lifetime of disappointment.

The Divorce and #MeToo Influence

As a late Gen-X’er myself, I’m the product of divorced parents, and I saw friends and family all around me dealing with divorce. Nearly 50% of marriages in the US today are ending in divorce. Let’s face it, divorce is ugly.

Prenups may stop some of the nasty back and forth, but regardless, the exploding divorce rate must have an effect on the psyche of the last few generations, which would also help explain why this niche dating site is seeing this constant uptick in profiles being created. Many people are thinking of marriage less because of the likelihood of it ending in divorce. People just don’t want to deal with the drama anymore.

Reportedly, another reason Secret Benefits is seeing membership increase is the rise of the #MeToo movement along with the resurgence of feminism over the past few years. There’s hardly any other story being covered and talked about more in the main stream media as this one has been.

Affluent and powerful men are being ruined and brought to their knees with this movement. Some arguably deserve it, but many powerful men that would never dream of sexually harassing or abusing a woman are scared out of their wits that a past date, coworker, fling, or partner may accuse them any given day of wrongdoing, effectively ending their lives as they know it.

Interestingly enough, there are many sugar babies that identify as feminists (just not the man-hating kind). They can find that sugar daddy dating is empowering, and it enables them to be in control of their personal lives as well as afford them a better chance in attaining their professional aspirations and dreams, and let’s not forget the rich and powerful women out there that enjoy the role as sugar mamas. It’s all about perspective.


It’s no wonder SB has seen such a dramatic increase in sugar daddies and sugar babies joining the site. Sugar dating platforms give men and women alike better confidence that everyone’s intentions and expectations are upfront, so there’s little room for confusion or misunderstandings. A mutual agreement on what everyone wants and expects from each other in the relationship are often discussed and understood even before the first date. This is often the opposite situation you find in typical dating sites that in comparison seem ambiguous and somewhat daunting in finding your ideal partner.

After reviewing the stats and some shared experiences from Secret Benefits and it’s members, it makes sense why the appeal to sugar dating exists for such a diverse group of people. It provides a safe haven to men and women who know what they want, and they are not afraid to ask for it, which in turn makes this type of dating so much more rewarding in so many ways.

If you think you want to take a peek, and check out sugar dating for yourself, Secret Benefits is 100% free for sugar babies as well as a free sign-up and search for sugar daddies with no monthly membership fees.




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