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Live betting during a match is the most exciting betting experience. Those who try to win steadily from the game claim that it is one of the few ways that favor the player that much. This, of course, does not mean that you can win in live betting with “blind” or random bets. It may be considered “easier” than traditional pre-game betting, but it takes time to study and analyze the method to see positive results. It also takes time for you to see how this market works and how you can take advantage of it.

More action

Anyone who has bet at least once in live betting understands what we mean. The feeling is very different for the player to intervene at the time of the event than to analyze the data and bet before it starts. Live betting on websites like NetBet’s online casino  definitely boosts the adrenaline!

More returns with value

It is evident that in live betting, you can “achieve” much better results than pre-game betting. For example, a home team victory that was offered at 1.80 before the start of the match, at 10′-15′ and with the score still at 0-0 in the vast majority of cases has a value above 2.00-2.10. This is the case with all “active” bets (when something has to happen for the odds to fall). In this case, the only danger is a drastic development at the beginning of the match (e.g., a quick goal) which can ruin your plans.

Coverage in pre-game bets

It has often happened to players to bet on one point and see their choice proved to be completely wrong. An example is they played over 2.5 goals but did not count on bad weather or some key absences. Live betting enables coverage (even with an opposite bet) to minimize losses.

Opportunities from the different odds of betting sites

In many matches, the algorithm of live betting websites and the turnover they record at various points during the event greatly differentiates the live odds they offer. What does this mean? It means that great opportunities can arise from different odds.

Live Betting Tips

As already mentioned, in live betting the player is asked to make decisions under the pressure of time and performance that changes by the minute, just like playing blackjack in an online casino. This pressure causes the need for discipline even more urgently. If you generally follow some tips as a rule, you need even more dedication to control your game in live betting.

Analyze the matches before they start

Just because live betting is placed during the sporting event does not mean that you do not have to do research and study to “choose” the matches to play. Don’t play whatever it is and whatever you see live at that time. Deal with matches before they start, look at their figures, select the points you think have the most, and deal with them.

Do not go against your initial assessment

If your study before the games started had some matches and points, decide between them for your game. Never get carried away by the “image” of the game as you watch it, to completely reconsider your original choice and play the other way around. Sometimes, of course, you will win, but in the long run, you may lose.

Always have profit/loss control

This is also necessary for the previous one. At all times, you need to have a clear picture of what you have won, what you have lost, and exactly how much you have bet on which points. There is a risk of losing the ball if you play too many points and cannot intervene at the right time.

Always set an odds/time limit before betting

The worst that can happen to you in live betting is greed. Many live bets have not been lost, because the player saw the odds reach levels that were worth betting on but decided to “leave” one or two more phases to achieve even better odds. And in this one or two phases, a goal was scored. If you do not want it to happen to you often, or to be less angry when it happens, the advice is clear: Set time or performance limits.

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