Stop Putting It Off: Transform Your Health Starting Today

Most of us are probably well aware that there’s more we could, and should be doing for our health. When our bodies are functioning fine, and we’re not in any pain, it’s easy to see illness as something that ‘happens to someone else’ however it’s simply not true. Unless you take steps to look after it, your health can massively deteriorate over the years, and your bad habits can put you at risk of all kinds of diseases. Heart attack, stroke, diabetes and certain cancers are usually avoidable and are often fatal. In the short term, poor lifestyle choices can affect your mental health, cause low self-esteem, poor sleep and low mood. Why wouldn’t you start taking steps to improve these things? Don’t wait for Monday, for the start of a new year or for some bad news regarding your health to spur you into action. You really can just start today. Make a change now, and reap the health rewards later down the line. Six months, a year, five years and beyond down the line you’ll be glad you drew the line under your unhealthy habits. Here are some of the ways you can take action today.

Address Your Diet

It’s so easy for the weight to creep on over the years, Style Caster claims many people are unknowingly on their way to obesity so it’s so important to be aware of this. With takeaways, convenience foods, sugary snacks and fizzy drinks being so tasty and accessible, it’s easy to end up gorging yourself on them on a regular basis. Combined with the fact most of us lead sedentary lifestyles, sat behind desks or behind the wheel all day, and it’s a recipe for disaster. One of the most positive changes you can make in your life is getting your BMI into the ‘normal’ range for your height. This will allow your body to function at it’s best and takes you out of the danger zone for many weight-related illnesses. You’ll be able to move around more easily, reduce aches and pains in your body and feel more energized since you won’t be lugging round a load of excess weight with you. Clean up your diet, introducing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drinking a smoothie or a freshly pressed juice for breakfast, or add berries or sliced banana onto cereal. Load up a wholemeal sandwich with lean meat and plenty of salad for lunch, and go with things like lean meat, fish or non-meat protein like tofu for dinner along with wholemeal rice or pasta, sweet potato and of course plenty of veg. Making a drastic change to your diet can feel a little daunting, if you’re very overweight, you could consider speaking to your GP or a nutritionist for advice. If you just want to lose a few pounds, cut out the things you know are bad for you and make healthy swaps where possible.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Another thing that’s probably adding to your expanding waistline is alcohol. We all know beverages like beer, cider, and wine are loaded with sugars and calories, but even a shot of spirits with a sugar-free mixer is bad news. A single shot of vodka contains a whopping 110 calories, put away a few of those during an evening, and you might as well eat a box of donuts for all the good it’s doing you. On top of this, alcohol has tons of negative effects on the body (and even more so if you drink heavily, and regularly). If this is the case and you think you might be bordering on addiction, seeking treatment early on will prevent you sliding down a very slippery and miserable slope. According to The Recovery Village, alcohol abuse should be treated alongside co-occurring mental health issues. If you’re not an addict but do have issues surrounding alcohol such as binge drinking and not knowing your limits, it’s vital to address these. When you’re blind drunk you’re far more likely to do things that put your health at risk, including drink drive, have unprotected sex, get involved in a fight or break the law and land yourself a criminal record.

Join The Gym

The gym can seem like quite a daunting place if you’ve never been. You probably imagine swarms of body- perfect individuals looking fantastic and making their workouts seem like a breeze. However, it’s just not the case. Gyms are incredibly mixed, while you do get some model like creatures gliding around there are plenty who are complete beginners too and people of all shapes and sizes. Everyone is in the gym to focus on their own workout, no one is concentrating on you or judging what you can and can’t do. If you’ve never used gym equipment before book an induction session so a trainer can show you the ropes, from there just start small and build your way up. Everyone knows how to use an exercise bike or a treadmill, these are ideal for building up some endurance and strengthen your cardiovascular system. If you’re hoping to build muscle, you don’t have to hit the free weights right away. Every gym will have a ton of different weight machines making it easy to workout different muscle groups. You can adjust the weight in seconds with no messing around screwing and unscrewing weight to bars and simply follow the instructions on each machine. Once you’ve built up some basic strength and fitness, you can concentrate on doing more. If you’re unsure, a few sessions with a personal trainer will be invaluable. They can create a workout routine for you to follow each time you come to the gym for your exact body and goals. Most gyms you can go online and sign up for a membership so don’t put it off or wait until morning. Once it’s done and paid for you’ll be far more inclined to go!style caster

Focus on Happiness

To experience true health and well being, it’s not just your body you need to focus on but your mind too. If you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, making these other changes in your life are likely to be that much harder. Speak to your GP or a counselor and work through these issues. When you’re in a good frame of mind, you’re much more likely to be able to make positive changes elsewhere in your life. For happiness, you should spend time socializing with others, make time for friends and family. You should find a hobby you really enjoy, and that encourages you to be more productive on your time off. Know when to relax to avoid burnout, and take time for yourself without feeling guilty about it. Focusing on happiness will contribute to your health too.



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  1. I agree with you. Many people try to change their lives, for various reasons – health problems, in relationships, maybe even financial ones, but in most cases they don’t have a clearly developed plan. They will try to change for one to two weeks, and then return to their old habits. They do not realize their plans. One of the main reasons for this may not be a strong desire. To succeed in fighting a bad habit, you must really really want to. This is why the many programs that are currently being created to help people change have a support system that will come to the aid of its members, if necessary.


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