One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure, or… Selling Old Shit for Money

Through the course of our life, we accumulate… stuff.

Even the most spartan among us find ourselves with things we no longer use, collecting dust, sitting sadly in a closet or storage space. Alone, neglected… utterly useless. It’s a sad tale, and for someone like myself afflicted with what some may call and unhealthy obsession with clutter removal, it can be an extremely frustrating experience.

Here’s the thing: you can actually make money off of all this “great stuff” you’ve been holding onto for so long.

Have you ever had a good long browse through your local Craigslist listings? If not, have a look; it’s an interesting experience. What you’ll likely find is that people are selling all sorts of stuff that you would think no one cares about.

So, once you’ve decided whether you’re actually going to use something or not, you’ve got a few options. You can either donate it to an organization, many of which are complete scams and don’t actually help anyone, or you could take a shot at selling said stuff and trying to make a bit of money off of something you were going to scrap anyway. I suggest the latter.

Old routers? Beat up desks? Used water filters? Might as well try and sell it. You may be surprised at just how much of this crap you’re able to sell online or through more traditional means, ie: garbage sales… er garage sales.

But be warned, people will try and low-ball you on your seemingly useless crap. So let me give you some parting advice: always start with a high asking price. Chances are you won’t actually scare anyone away (everyone expects this anyway), and when they inevitable low-ball you, you’ll get the price you’re actually willing to sell the thing for.

That’s it.

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