B.Light Design Secret Passage Light Switch For Your Mancave

It’s all well and good working towards being a finished man, but there are always times where you lapse into spans of childish, nerdy glee. (Personally, I believe that sense of fun is a requisite for becoming finished.)  In any case, every awesome spy, superhero, and wicked freaky castle has the book that you lift to flip open a secret passageway to the requisite underground lair. You’re an awesome guy who probably has something neat buried somewhere, so why is it that your man cave shouldn’t have the same thing? B.Light Design has done it- check out the Secret Passage Light Switch.

B.Light Design Secret Passage Light Switch For Your Mancave

Okay, so you won’t have the tunnel or the fireman’s pole or the revolving wall. You will have a sweet light that can be completely customized that you’ll look all neat turning on, though. The light mount allows you to use any book without damaging it in any way, and you can use any lamp with it as well (thought it may require a bit of wiring… more spy stuff!) It’s a brilliant little design that sheds some light on creativity; every pun intended, in the worst way.

secret passage light switch base with no book
The base uses a metal spine that can be slid into a hardcover book.
secret passage light switch with switch in book
The lamp switch is hidden between the pages, so none of the mechanism shows.
hardcover book on secret passage light switch
Once the book is placed, it looks completely normal and stands without bookends.
lifting the book on the secret passage light switch
Then simply tilt the book, and cackle like a supervillian.

This awesome secret passage light switch sells for $50 a piece, and at the moment is sold out, but you can keep an eye on the store here and snag one when they come back in.



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