Review: VISS Beauty IPL Hair Removal System

A while back, I talked about various grooming options available for men. Waxing, creams, laser treatment, and body groomers were all discussed with the pros and cons of each method. But I missed one product that I didn’t consider and is available to the masses. It’s relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to laser treatment and even waxing (at Spas) if you think about it in the long term.

The VISS Beauty IPL is what I’m referring to and you are able to use it from the comfort of your home without any visits to a clinic or spa. The system uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology rather than laser and is a permanent hair reduction system. This technology has been used in clinics for over 15 years and is now finally available for home use. We’ll talk about how the system works, what’s included, and what types of results we should be expecting in the coming weeks and months.

How Does VISS Beauty IPL work?

You may be wondering how in the world this magical light reduces hair growth. Trust me; I was curious about it as well. According to the company, the pulse of light that is emitted by VISS IPL is absorbed by pigment in the hair shaft beneath the surface of the skin. This absorbing action helps disable hair follicle activity which prevents the hair from growing back. Of course, this is just a very basic explanation of the science behind this technology.

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What’s the difference between IPL and Laser treatment?

There are two major differences between IPL and laser. One difference is the wavelength of light that is produced. IPL uses an entire waveband of light while lasers produce light which has only one specific wavelength. What does that even mean? Well, different wavelengths are able to penetrate the skin to different depths. So by using an IPL, which uses an entire waveband, it’s like using a group of lasers all in one treatment reaching all levels of the hair follicle beneath the skin.

The other difference is the amount of area that can be covered with each treatment. In most cases, IPL treatment heads are up to six times larger than the small spot produced by lasers. That means you are able to cover more area and treatments are much quicker.

Is VISS Beauty IPL right for you?

Unfortunately, the VISS Beauty IPL system is not for everybody. According to the website, the system is suitable for people with dark-blonde, brown, and black hair. The system is not effective for people who naturally have red, gray, or light-blonde hair. It should also be noted that this product is not suitable for people with extremely dark skin.

What comes with the whole VISS Beauty IPL system?

Upon unboxing, you will obviously find the IPL system and the attached applicator.

  • The system includes a cartridge that is used for the hair removal. This ‘hair removal’ cartridge is good for 5,000 flashes and plugs right into the applicator.
  •  The other cartridge that comes with the system is the ‘Skin Rejuvenation’. The Skin Rejuvenation cartridge is also good for 5,000 flashes. This particular cartridge is to be used on wrinkles and acne-prone skin.
  • You will also find a tube of conducting gel that is used along with the Skin Rejuvenation cartridge.
  • And lastly, you will find some over-sized safety sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright flashes the VISS IPL system produces. I really wish these glasses were a bit smaller in size.
IPL glasses for eye protection

The Treatment

We ordered a VISS Beauty IPL to see what it was all about. I used my brother as the test subject since my body is unable to produce enough manly hair on my chest and stomach areas. Based on the skin type and color of the hair, we are using 6th level of intensity for the hair reduction treatment. The areas we are focusing on are the chest, stomach, and hair on the neck.

  • Before you actually use the VISS IPL system, you have to shave the area that you plan to treat with the IPL each time.
  • Turn on the VISS IPL system to the correct settings according to your skin-type and hair-type.
  • Put on your safety glasses which are provided with the system.
  • Place the applicator on the skin (area you wish to treat), and wait for the very loud “beeping” sound. Once you hear the sound, you may now push the “flash button” on the applicator. Once that button is pushed, you will see and feel an intense light hitting your skin. For some people, it may be uncomfortable. The 6th level which we are using does not bother my brother at all on the chest and stomach areas. But it does sting him a bit on the neck. While doing the treatment each time, make sure you overlap the treated areas by a little bit.

According to the company, you should do the treatment once every 2 weeks for the first three months. After this phase, you may now use the system once a month for the next 3 months. After this phase, simply use as needed. The hair growth will now be extremely slow and the hairs will also be much finer.

VISS IPL Results after 4 Weeks (2 Treatments)

We will continue to update as the treatment progresses. We’ve only used the system for 4 weeks now, so results are only now starting to show. I think the results will be more significant over the next 8 weeks. We will be sure to keep you guys up to date. Here is our progress so far!

These pictures are right before the 1st Treatment

Before Viss Beauty IPL Chest Treatment.jpg e1317331429303 upscaled
Before VISS Beauty IPL Torso Treatment.jpg upscaled
Before VISS Beauty IPL Neck e1317332864379 upscaled

These pictures below are at the end of 4 weeks (2 Treatments complete), and right before the 3rd treatment.

After Picture VISS IPL 2nd Treatment Torso e1317333477932 upscaled
After Picture VISS IPL 2nd Treatment Chest e1317333226206 upscaled
After Picture VISS IPL 2nd Treatment Neck e1317333707999 upscaled

Our Initial Thoughts

The system does what it advertises it to do. Obviously, the results will vary person to person. So far, we are pleased with the results that have been achieved after only 2 treatments. At the moment, we are getting results which are “patchy”. We can clearly see that some areas, the hair growth is normal as if it has received no treatment at all. But we can also see patches where the hair growth is still in the ‘stubble’ phase meaning the hair is only now starting to appear even though it was shaved 2 weeks prior. So it’s obviously working. And we’ve also  noticed that there are also areas where there is hair growth but the hair appears to be more fine. We look forward to seeing the results in the coming weeks and months. We will continue to keep everybody up to date with our results.

Based on these initial results, I would highly recommend the VISS Beauty IPL system whether you are a male or female. To purchase your system, please visit VISS Beauty IPL.




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12 comments on “Review: VISS Beauty IPL Hair Removal System”

  1. Hi
    This is Zhaleh . i love VISS IPL hair removal but the price is expensive for me .Do you have discount for today ? if you have less price,maybe i can buy that .

    • The VISS IPL was very effective for us. Obviously, the results will vary depending on your skin color and natural hair color. The official website has a chart which can be used to determine whether it will be right for you. Based on our experience, it is a product that I would recommend to my family and friends. 🙂

  2. I ignor their recommendation and used VISS IPL every week(Sunday) for the first two months and thn twice a month for two more months, thn stopped and now I use when a hope arise in my mind that IPL might work. It is not as effective at all as it is advertised. First of all my arms which are visibly darker thn my body due to direct exposure to sunlight have better results thn my legs, so my findings are it works better on darker areas(I consider my unit a faulty one and consider it got manufactured in opposite by mistake). Second, it burns hair away which start growing back after the treatment. I do became hairless in two months but after stopping the treament I am again nearly equal to what I was before starting any IPL except my arms have finner and thinner hair now. No significant results on legs and stomach.
    My suggestion is epilator.. less investment of time and money…

    • No, not yet. I was thinking about getting one but haven’t pulled the trigger. The regular one does a good job but the cartridges do last longer on the new model.

  3. Thanks, Your brother still using it? How are the results after two years? Report on the progress kind of dropped of. EH?

    I bought the Silk’n Flash and Go, have used it for three months. I’m interested in the VISS for the skin rejuvenation for acne scars. Can’t find toO many reviews on that.

    • My brother stopped using it (got lazy) but my wife uses it. Hair growth is still there BUT it grows back slower and slower as the months go by and hair gets lighter. It’s a good machine. Don’t know how it compares to the “No!No!”.

      As for skin rejuvenation, I’d actually recommend Alpha Hydrox 10% Glycolic AHA lotion. It’s cheap and it’s good for wrinkles and old scars. If you really want to go with VISS Skin Rejuvenation, I would then suggest Viss Acne Care instead >

  4. Thanks for the advice. I agree that IPL in general is very good. I wish I tried it before I spent money on the NoNo. I can tell you first hand my experience with the NoNo. I bought it last June. I used it for three months as directed. I found that the hairs did grow back finer, but the large head didn’t last very long and they were expensive. What madd me stop using it is eventually the hairs would become in grown and I would get terrible cysts on my chest and stomach. The scars after nine months are still there and I am embarrassed to take off my shirt. Thats why I asked about VISS. I tried Retion-A but it left the skin red and sensative


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