Nobis Diego Men’s Jacket: Full Review

Men’s fashion has evolved in style and durability, particularly in the coat area of fashion over the centuries. They have become shorter and lighter compared to the typical jackets of the past. Men have been looking for a coat that can handle the changing to colder weather, but that will not make the gentleman overly hot that he can only wear it during 50-degree or colder weather. The answer to this problem is the Diego Jacket.

The Diego Men’s Jacket is a fantastic jacket that is perfect for the changing climate. It comes in two colors, black and marine blue. The jacket zips closed in the front, has large zip pockets on the sides, and has a hood. This jacket is made from a “premium lightweight Nobis DP Nylon” fabric and is soft to the touch. The Diego Men’s Jacket is of Canadian design and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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The four bonuses that the Diego Jacket has that many other jackets do not have are breathability, windproof, waterproof, and machine washable. This jacket is breathable due to the nylon fabric and the “Sympatex® membrane” design that keeps both water and the wind out without feeling heavy. This jacket also has a “Durable Water Repellent finish” to it as well.

The seams used to make the Diego Jacket is a “seam-sealed construction.” What that means is that the manufacture has used a French seam to sew the whole garment together. The French seam has two functions. The first is that it hides the seam and any fraying that the edges could be doing. The second function is to make an incredibly tight seam that helps prevent both wind and water from coming in through the seam itself.

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Many high-end jackets require its owner to take it to the dry cleaner to have it cleaned. The Diego Men’s Jacket requires no such thing! This jacket can be safely washed at home due to its machine washable capabilities. One will need to read the wash care tag on the jacket to know if the coat needs to be washed in cold or warm water and what detergents one will need to use. The care tag will also state if one can tumble dry the jacket on low, high, or if it will need to hang dry.

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Ever Diego jacket comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty means that should someone receive a jacket with defects or is damaged in any way that is not the normal wear and tear. The manufacturer will repair it or replace the coat free of charge. If one decides that they do not like the jacket or wants to have a different color, the manufacturer offers free returns or exchanges.

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When searching for outerwear, men have had difficulty finding a sleek, durable, and good quality jacket while not having to worry about it being strictly a winter jacket. The Diego jacket can be worn during any season that one chooses and will keep the gentleman dry and relaxed without sacrificing style. This is a jacket one will want in their wardrobe.




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