What to Do When You Have More Stuff Than Space – Storage Units and Yard Sales to the Rescue

So as with many men my age, gainfully employed and with very little debt, I find myself in a peculiar position. I have acquired enough items to warrant the purchase of a house. Also as with other men my age, I find myself unable to afford the house of which I speak. The current conundrum of our culture of consumption. (That’s a lot of C’s.)

Storage Units and Yard Sales Can Help You Disperse Things You Need Gone Fast

So what am I left with? I could hunt down any number of storage units in my area. A small cube with climate control can help to un-clutter your current living area, or be used as a nice workshop. Besides, with all of the reality television revolving around storage units, it’s sure to be action packed every time you drop by.  “But Scott,” you protest, “I’ve no need to store my implements of murder outside of my home, and dispose of all my bodies in the intercostal!” Unfortunately, implements of murder notwithstanding, I do have enough stuff that storage units could be the right way to go.

If you’re bound and determined to keep your dirty secrets in your own home, I suppose a yard sale might be in order. Of course, being the miserly fellow I am, I can’t stand to host one (although I do rather enjoy perusing them.) You see, having a yard sale is sort of like admitting you were wrong. Admitting that you didn’t need an item, which by extension means you’ve wasted money. I hate wasted money, even if I’m guilty of it every very (very) occasionally. Of course, if you’re dead set on the yard sale, then buckle down. Put what you make into savings, and resist that ever powerful urge to splurge on more junk.

Last is the charity route, and the one I personally prefer. Buy a brand new kindle? Send your grandpa the old one. Have to have the latest cellphone? Then I bet your college aged sibling would love to have your old one. Getting rid of that chair? I bet your brother would love it in his bachelor pad. If your family is already “toyed” up, there are plenty of charities that recycle older items to people who need them. Just check your local area for a cause you can get behind. If you need more tips in de-cluttering, (or just making it look like you de-cluttered, you lazy ass) try learning how to organize almost anything, or about when it’s time to let your crap go.

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