Making Clothes Last Longer – A Practical Guide

I want to forewarn you that I’m somewhat of a clothing snob, but I promise that the suggestions I’m about to expand upon are useful to everyone who wears clothes, even if they come from Wal-Mart. If you don’t wear clothes, you may as well stop reading right now. I’ll be releasing A Practical Guide To Making Skin Last Longer at another point in time.

Mainstream North Americans seem to have a deep and unwavering phobia of germs. Maybe it’s the news and it’s constant bombardment of scare stories involving super flu’s, or maybe people are just obsessive compulsive. Whatever the reason, people wash their clothes, and even themselves, far too often. The latter is a discussion worthy of its own post, though.

Washing machines are evil devices which beat up your (hopefully) high quality clothing and shave many a moon off their lifespan. They spin and agitate and stretch and shrink the fibers of your clothes, and people wonder why colors fade and holes form. Having said that, they are a necessary evil to prevent everyone from smelling foul.

In that vein I present you with a few simple suggestions for keeping your clothes lasting longer.

1. The only thing that needs to be washed after every use is your socks and underwear.
2. Does your shirt stink? Wash it. The smell test is a simple way to determine what needs washing. Unless you just ran a marathon or have hyperhidrosis, you probably don’t need to throw it in the wash.
3. Wash your clothes in cold water. Scientists in lab coats have determined that cold water is just as good as warm water for washing and will probably save you some money to boot.
4. Hang dry your clothes when ever possible. Get a drying rack; your friends will think you’re worldly, and again… you’ll save money on drying.
5. Don’t use buckets of detergent. This is wasteful, hard on your clothes, and pointless.




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