The Lovers Guide: 10 Romantic Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

A little effort will go a long way with the ladies. The challenge is to think of a creative and unique date idea that will knock her off her feet. These 10 romantic date ideas are certain to persuade both her heart and her head that you are the right guy for her.

  1. Go to a spa. Take her to a spa and pamper her and yourself. Be sure to end the experience with a couples massage in Bentleigh if you’re the traveling, adventurous type. You will both leave feeling relaxed, and she will definitely see you in a more romantic way.
  2. Take a dance class together. Remember that with dance lessons, you will be touching one another in an intimate manner. You can choose from any dance style, such as tango or salsa. You can also choose more formal and traditional dance lessons.
  3. Get active. Choose a sport or an activity to do together. Be sure to consider her athletic ability. If she or you are not overly athletic, you might choose something like kayaking or bike riding. And, if you are planning to eat after, be sure there is a place where she can freshen up if she prefers.
  4. For a romantic oceanfront anniversary date, try any of the stunning waterfront venues Melbourne has to offer. You might take her to a top waterfront restaurant for a starlight dinner or perhaps a sunset drink overlooking the ocean. The waterfront venues in Melbourne are ideal romantic date spots.
  5. Go horseback riding. This can be an incredibly romantic activity. You might go horseback riding along the beach or through a beautiful scenic area outside of the city. Be prepared to have a plan for a meal after your ride.
  6. Visit a vineyard. Many wineries offer tastings so that you can try a number of their best blends. Some even offer food to pair with your samples. Do not forget to arrange for alternative transportation to and from the venue.
  7. Take a foreign language class. The thing you may not have realized about learning a foreign language is that it is all about your mouth and your tongue. This can be an incredibly romantic and sexy activity with the right person. And, if things go well, the rest of your evening could be even better.
  8. Take a day trip. There are so many things to do and see outside of the city. You can choose from a number of exciting activities. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is within her comfort level.
  9. Visit a jazz club. A jazz club naturally creates an ambiance of romance so that you have very little work to do to put her in a romantic mood, and it is an ideal backdrop for intimacy. Your close proximity makes it perfect for holding hands and stealing kisses throughout the sets.
  10. A picnic is always an ideal anniversary idea. You will likely score even more bonus points if you cook at least part of the meal. Great picnic locations are at a park or at the beach.




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