Learn to Flirt Like a Pro with These 5 Tips

Flirting in the real world is fairly straightforward. When you’re in the same room as someone you’d like to seduce, you can use subtle (and entirely unsubtle) signals to your advantage. 

Meanwhile, flirting over a long distance is an entirely different matter. Take online sex video chat, for example, where you may not even be on the same continent as the person you’re hooking up with. 

But before getting into the logistics of how to flirt in ‘virtual’ sex, an important question:

Do you need to flirt with cam girls?

Given how you’re technically paying for a service, it’s a fair question. But as anyone who knows what good virtual ‘dates’ are, true enjoyment with cam girl services is all about give and take. 

The more you give, the more you can expect to get back in return – as would be the case with any conventional date.

What’s important to remember is that the women you meet via services like these are no different from women in the real world. They respond well to kindness, courtesy, respect, and those who know how to flirt like pros. 

Indeed, a degree of seduction is involved in getting the most out of a virtual date, which most men overlook entirely. This is a shame, given how much more enjoyable virtual sex can be, with a little flirtation (or a lot) added in for good measure. 

The Golden Rules of Virtual Flirtation 

As for the mechanics of the whole thing, the same basic rules apply back in the real world. 

Only with a few added extras to compensate for the fact that you are not physically in contact with the person in question.

With this in mind, here are five tips on how to flirt like a pro on your next virtual date (or anywhere else, for that matter):

· Maintain Eye Contact

Learn how to use eye contact to your advantage; it will get you anything you want. It is that simple – particularly when it comes to seducing women. There’s nothing more powerful than direct eye contact, a friendly smile, and plenty of indications that you are genuinely listening to her. The art of seduction lies primarily in making women feel interested, valued, and appreciated. Hence, the number-one golden rule concerning flirting is first to take these three crucially important boxes. 

· Ask Plenty of Questions

Not to turn the whole thing into the Spanish Inquisition, but more a case of getting to know her on the deepest possible level. This ties in with the above, as asking questions is the best way to demonstrate an interest in another person. Not the stupid questions with no real value (what did you eat for breakfast today?), but more the questions that get you to know who she is (her favorite places, recent vacations, her profession, etc.)

· Be Confident Yet Humble

This may sound contradictory, but it is quite easy (and important) to master. It’s a case of ensuring you come across as confident and self-assured without crossing the line into arrogance. It also means reeling in the facts, figures, and soundbites you might normally use to impress someone in conversation. How much you earn, the cars you drive, the price of your Rolex, your general lifestyle – all things you don’t need to put any great emphasis on. The less you show off, the more she’ll be impressed when she finds out you’re a big deal at a later stage.

· Offer Genuinely Kind Complements

Offer compliments that are 100% kind, genuine, and guaranteed to be appreciated. This means compliments that are both genuine and by no means copied and pasted out of a dating manual. Everyone likes compliments, but only when they are sincere. Her eyes, the way she dresses, her accent – anything you genuinely appreciate about her. Please don’t take things so far as to base your conversation almost entirely on a long list of compliments, as they’ll quickly come across as false.

· Be Generous

Last up, nobody likes a skinflint. At the same time, women also don’t like men who arrogantly flaunt their wads. At dinner, you pay the check without a second thought and leave a generous tip. With webcam chat services, you pay the going rate without question and tip as generously as possible. Particularly in the latter’s case, this is a great way to make a girl feel appreciated and worth more than she thinks she is.




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