Kitchen Klass – Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

A Glass Of Wine On A Table With Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Welcome to Unfinished Man’s first cooking recipe! If you’re like us, you’re probably still a little hungover from a crazy halloween weekend. Thusly, we thought we’d start our premiere recipe with the man’s ultimate ingredient; bacon.

We’re going to wrap chicken with bacon and for fun, throw in some prosciutto and havarti cheese along with some other goodies.

If you need further explaination on why we love bacon, Overall Health Bacon Flow Chartwe would like you to refer to the following chart provided by the awesome online webcomic, xkcd.

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not much of a cook and this is the fanciest thing I ever, ever cooked. This means if I can do it, you got a really good chance impressing the heck out of your girl. Originally, I just wanted to do bacon-wrapped chicken. But after some research, a little brainstorming and a large stomach growl, I decided to throw in some extra ingredients.


  1. 2 chicken breasts
  2. 6 slices of bacon
  3. 4 slices of prosciutto
  4. Tiny chunk of havarti cheese
  5. Cream cheese
  6. Shot glass of amaretto
  7. Decent bottle of wine

Firstly, I wanted to marinate the chicken breasts to soak in a little flavor in the meat. I usually stick with something simple when I do chicken soulvaki so I figured to do the same thing here. So in the morning, I threw the chicken in a bowl with some olive oil, lemon juice, basil, and oregano and let it sit in the fridge for the day.

Chicken And Bacon On A Table With Wine And Scotch

After marinating, the chicken was sliced into slices and lightly pounded with a mallette.

Chicken Breasts On A Table With A Bowl

Then I slapped a layer of cream cheese on the chicken.

Chicken Breasts On A Table With A Block Of Butter

Next, I placed the prosciutto on top. Don’t ask why but for some crazy oddball reason, I thought I would sprinkle a bit of arametto on the prosciutto. Some recipies out there used a bit of pine nuts so I figured the next best thing was to use a nutty liquor to help liquify and add flavor to the prosciutto.

Chicken Breasts On A Table With A Havarti Cheese And Scotch

On goes the havarti cheese.

Chicken Breasts Covered In Havarti Cheese

Then wrap those suckers up in the bacon. I didnt bother with toothpicks cause the mere weight held them down.

Pieces Of Chicken Wrapped In Bacon

For a little more kick, I added some meat seasoning before tossing them in the oven. Preheat at 350 and cook for about 50-55 minutes.

Pieces Of Chicken Wrapped In Bacon On Foil

As you wait, bust open that wine, sit back, and chillax. Road 13 is my favorite wine so I figured I’d give them a shout out for loosening up my arteries.

A Bottle Of Road 13 Red Wine

For a side I decided to go with mashed potatoes using creamer potatoes. I sliced them up in chucks and threw them in a pot of boiling water. I’m a big fan of potatoe skins so I left them on.

Potatoes In A Bowl With MargarinePotatoes Boiling On A Black Stove

As the potatoes boiled for a while, the bacon-wrapped chicken was just oozing with aroma out of the oven.

Chicken Wrapped In Bacon In The Oven

The exact time for the potatoes to be taken out varies on the size of pieces you cut. So I say take them out once you are able to easly poke through them with a fork.  Drain, toss some butter, mashed garlic and a couple spoonfuls of sour cream, and soon you’ll have a decent mix.

Mashed Potatoes In A Pot On A Black Stove

After a couple glasses of wine, your avian swine should be finished.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Fresh Out Of The Oven

Slice ’em up, toss the potatoes with a bit a salad, and drizzle a bit of salad dressing. Since I’m a big fan of dipping, I added a bit of tzatziki for dipping sause.

The Finished Chicken Wrapped Bacon On A Plate

My god, this was the best meal I’ve had in a long time, let alone made all by myself!

The Finished Chicken Wrapped Bacon On A Plate With Red WineChicken Wrapped In Bacon With A Tomato Slice

Being hungover never felt so good. Good luck gentlemen!



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  1. Love the presentation of the recipe…and the recipe…and the wine idea…will try prosciutto next time for a more traditional Italian twist. It’s delicious and awesome to impress your spouse, a date or friends.



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