A Human Skin Ring: Yep, You Read That Right- Not for the Faint of Heart

HEY- LISTEN. This post is gross. Like, seriously, mind-bendingly, traumatically gross. So if you’re at work or squeamish or put off by small hunks of strange, hairy men, for the love of god: don’t keep reading. If you do, and you see this human skin ring, you might puke. Then the guy in the next cubicle over will come to check on you, and he’ll barf right into your pile. Your attractive coworker will come to tell you both to shut up and spew a graceful fountain as she spins away down the hall, fleeing from the terrible things you have done. And then, before you know it, your whole office will be in Stand By Me mode, and everyone will be vomiting up their brown bag lunches all over this quarter’s big project- a complete and total barf-o-rama.

Seriously- there’s no blood or gore, but this is pretty damn gross. Designer Sruli Recht cut out a strip of his own skin, tanned it, and made a ring out of it. Yeah, I don’t know either. If you think you can hold on to your lunch, hit the jump.

A Human Skin Ring – Some Extra Hair for Your Knuckles

There’s no alternate universe -or even darkest timeline- where I find this cool or desirable, but I do give the man credit because having a strip of your stomach cut out to make jewelry certainly takes balls. Outside of wondering if he puts the lotion on his skin or gives himself the hose again, I have to question the reasoning behind why on earth you’d do this. Especially with leaving the hair still on it! Every time I look at this ring, I imagine someone threatening to backhand me while wearing it, and I cower in fear that those creepy belly hairs will graze my cheek. You’re very welcome for that terrifying vision.

sruli recht forget me knot human skin ring

If you’re truly sadistic, he also made a documentary about the whole process, and you can watch it. It apparently has some fairly graphic surgery scenes; I can’t say for sure because I’m not keen on gumming my keyboard up with any more bodily fluids and WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT TO WATCH THIS? But if you do, you can watch it here, so don’t say I never did anything for you.

sruli recht forget me knot human skin ring

Would you like to own this little piece of Sruli in the form of his human skin ring? They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you manage to find the €350,000 to purchase this 24k treasure (trail) then here’s to hoping it will somehow allow you to take control of him and pilot him like a lanky Icelandic drone. It would be the least you could hope for in terms of trade-off for having to own the thing. I don’t even know where you’d keep it in your house, lest he haunt you at night, with the ghosts of his bullet-riddled reindeer buddies.




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  1. This is f**king gross. Im currently pausing on my 7th of 8 Taco Time Tuesday dollar Tacos as I am feeling queazy because of this post. Despite you’re warnings, my ego got the better of me and now Im paying for it.


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