How To Use Technology To Quit Smoking 

If you’ve decided to stop smoking, you might feel overwhelmed with the best way to ensure you stop for good. However, there isn’t one perfect method, so stopping can take time. Yet, with technology around to support you, you’re not short of helpful aids to help you reach your goals quicker!

Slow Transition With a Vape

Quitting tobacco cigarettes using the “cold turkey” method can be extremely difficult and isn’t the most effective method for everyone. So make sure that when you’ve decided to stop using cigarettes, ask yourself, is a slower process more likely to work for you? 

If the answer is yes, then ceasing tobacco cigarette use via vaping could be your solution. You could try vapes from companies like RELX, and even learn how to refill relx pod to avoid any temptation to return to the tobacco smoking lifestyle. 

While vapes aren’t a long-term solution to your cessation journey, they can be a solution for those looking to transition slowly. As vapes contain fewer toxic chemicals than traditional cigarettes, this is a better alternative for you in the meantime. 

Use Your Phone Screen to Your Advantage

On average, smokers will spend up to 1.4 million dollars on a smoking lifestyle. For many, a reason to quit can be financial benefits. Whether going cold turkey or using nicotine replacement therapy, make a list. 

Short or long, make a list on your phone as to why you’re quitting and include any information that might be helpful in a tempting moment. Then screenshot that list and make it your phone wallpaper. 

In doing so, you make your phone an asset in helping your cessation process. As your journey progresses, you could change this list to a list of your achievements or cessation milestones – whatever you think will aid you best. 

Get on the Quitting Apps

Another tremendous technological development is quitting tobacco cigarette apps. App designers have created these apps using AI to make cessation more effective. The first AI help-to-quit app in the UK is designed to register triggers and other valuable aids to help smokers quit. 

However, even using apps to aid in noting down triggers and acknowledging where the cravings are coming from can help you understand your addiction, making it easier to quit effectively. 

Online Workouts/Apps

While exercising won’t aid your cessation journey entirely, it can be a precious tool for anyone looking to quit smoking for good. Firstly, having a fitness goal can be a great way to refocus your every day (so it’s not all about stopping smoking). Secondly, it helps boost endorphins; exercising when you feel a craving can limit it.

So use the free online fitness classes and apps to aid in setting goals, tracking your achievements, and boosting your overall health.

Final Thoughts 

Quitting smoking will always be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Finding the most effective method for you can take time, but using the technology around you will surely help you on your journey to a smoke-free life! 



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