How to Stay Anonymous Online Using Hotspot Shield

In today’s world where everyone connects through the internet, privacy and security can be a hard thing to find. All your personal information, from your location, family members, and photos, are accessible through social media websites. Even your payment method such as credit cards, as well as your own address is stored in online shops you frequent.

Data Breach Fears

With all your personal data stored in multiple online locations, one has to wonder: how private is your life at the moment? Whenever you post your photos, your friends and their friends’ friends can possibly see it. Others can easily locate your social media profiles with a few strokes on the keyboard. That does not even have to be just the people around you. Someone from the other side of the world can view your profile with impunity.

Today’s websites make it incredibly easy to connect with people all over the world. However, it also makes it easy for people to snoop on your activity and get information out of you. Information, then sold by website owners to advertisers and third parties without you knowing. How can you check which data do you leave online? More importantly, can you even know if people are looking through your data?

That is not even mentioning the very companies that handle your internet access as well. Everything you download, upload, and browse online has some sort of trace, of which a third party can easily track. Anonymity online is nearly impossible, but you can do a few things to turn the tides towards your favor. The answer to these privacy worries is a simple one – Hotspot Shield.

Introducing the Hotspot Shield App

For those wanting a free privacy app used by over 600 million users globally, this is the app for you. HotSpot Shield encrypts your online traffic making you truly invisible online. Your actions, your search history, your data – all privately secured via the app. This gives you back your anonymity – an invaluable asset in today’s very invasive social media culture.

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Using a simple push of a button, Hotspot Shield makes you vanish from the online world. With the app running in the background, you can rest easy knowing your digital footprints remain for your eyes only. You can easily access this essential app through various devices, like your mobile phones, tablets, and even computers. One swift motion is all that it takes to turn on your privacy shield.

Streaming on the Go

Another use for this anonymity is bypassing online location restrictions commonly found in streaming sites. For some videos, only a select group of countries can access it. If you are not within these countries, you are out of luck. The Hotspot Shield can create the illusion that you are in those countries, giving you full access to any streaming site in the world.

Try out the free app today! Reclaim the privilege of anonymity in a world where social media and ‘connectedness’ masks an incredibly shady monitoring scheme underneath.




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