How Should a New Parent Choose Baby Formula?

New parents have enough struggles to deal with already as it is, but choosing the best nutrition for your baby’s shouldn’t be too difficult, right? In an environment packed full of chemicals and harsh toxins, avoiding the leakage into baby products has actually started to become an entirely new movement. In fact, many parents are doing thorough research on the more than just what they feed their baby, but also what toys they give their baby. Avoiding toxins is at the forefront of their mind.

So what do parents do if the mom is struggling with breastfeeding and none of the natural methods are working? The obvious solution has been to switch to baby formula, of course. But for many moms, this can be an extremely difficult solution, especially when they are trying to avoid all the toxins from the environment. The first choice of baby formula then becomes an organic baby formula.

Why organic baby formula?

As mentioned, avoiding the chemicals and toxins from the environment are critical for a developing baby. As adults, all of your internal systems are already developed, so it takes much more exposure to chemicals and toxins before your body begins to react. As babies, small dosages of chemicals for their developing systems can make huge impacts on their entire life!

In America, the movement for chemical-free baby products is gradually getting pushed forward, with newer parents becoming more aware of the issues. But the movement is slow, and the options for organic baby formulas are still limited. This is why so many parents are choosing European organic baby formula.

What makes European organic baby formula different?

The most important reason is the higher level of standards. We already mentioned that smaller dosages of chemicals for developing babies can be a big deal. In the EU they take this fact into higher consideration, creating farms that have no potential of chemical run-offs. In fact, some EU baby formulas are even bioland organic standard, which means the entire farm operation from the plants to the animals are environmentally friendly and toxin-free. As America catches up to these standards, the EU has already been perfecting it for years now.

Another important difference is the government oversight in baby food regulations. The EU commission meets annually to discuss the production of baby foods (as well as many any foods produced in the EU). Every four years there are mandatory updates that baby food companies must comply with, based on the scientific research that has been conducted. Most recently, the EU determined that all baby formulas must include DHA because of the positive research for baby’s brain development. In America, standards like this are optional and meetings to discuss baby food products are not regularly on the agenda.

One last thing to consider when choosing EU organic baby formula are the stages in baby formula. In America, parents have one option from birth to 12 months for baby formula, this is considered the infant stage, and then parents can choose a toddler stage formula for afterwards if they would like. But as parents quickly realize, a baby that is newborn is drastically different than a 6-month-old, and even a 10-month-old is different than the 6-month-old. The first year of a baby’s life and development is rapid and ever changing, so too should be the nutrients provided to the baby. This is why the EU has broken their baby formulas into stages from 0-6 months, 6-10/12 months, and 12 months up. Babies then receive the nutrients necessary for their systems at the proper level, not too much or too little.

Final Thoughts

As a new parent, dad’s especially, so many things are overwhelming and feel like rocket science. Moms get this extra advantage of their mom networks and constant mommy talks – even throughout their pregnancy they are talking non-stop baby. Take the info from this article and dig deeper, impress your wives and all those new moms with your knowledge. And don’t forget to check out our article on how to be a better husband as well. Best of luck new dads and moms!




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