How do You Proofread Your own Essay?

The results of work become perfect only when the smallest details are polished and the tiniest flaws are eliminated. This principle also applies to writing texts. An accidentally mangled word, a missing comma, or an obsolete word in your essay can be perceived as the author’s sloppiness.

The Importance of an Outside Perspective

“Why was the text not proofread?” Have you ever heard these hurtful words even after reading the text many times before showing it to someone else? The secret is that a person gets so used to personal involuntary mistakes that he/she does not identify them. Therefore, essay proofreading by another person helps you see weaknesses that you may not have perceived as such.

What to Do if There Is No One to Ask to Proofread Your Text?

The days when editors had a queue of people who wanted to correct their texts are long gone. After all, everyone can choose an essay editing service from the many offered on the market today. It will be your ideal critic and assistant. Because it cannot make mistakes, unlike a person.

What to Look for When Proofreading Text

You must remember that the text must be viewed from different perspectives:

  • text structure
  • lexical component
  • grammar
  • visual presentation

It will be best if you stick to some clear scheme every time. Then, you are guaranteed not to forget anything and bring the text to perfection.

Check formatting issues

Start with a visual representation of the text:

  • Align all indents and number the pages.
  • Make sure all text is written in the same font and ink.
  • Check that the line spacing is the same throughout the text.

Style of writing

To bring your entire essay to a single style, pay attention to a few important points that tie the text together. If any of them is not finalized, the text loses its coherence:

  • Is everything logically-organized? If any ideas intrude into a coherent sequence of reasoning, breaking up the text into unrelated pieces, move them to another place. Every idea must be logically complete. Only then can you start developing the next idea.
  • Coherence between sentences and paragraphs. Remember that the reader understands what you say only from the written text. One may not catch the context, which was unsaid but implied by you. Therefore, try to keep all sentences and paragraphs connected. This is the only way to ensure that the reader will understand you completely.
  • Content. Remove from the content everything that is not related to the topic of the essay. Save these redundant ideas for other writing.

All sorts of mistakes

Pay attention to different kinds of mistakes that could appear in the text due to inattentiveness or unawareness of certain rules:

  • Grammar mistakes
  • Stylistic mistakes
  • Punctuation mistakes

Check the word count 

Only at the end can you check the number of words. In the process of proofreading the text, the number of words may decrease or, conversely, increase. It makes no sense to start the entire procedure of honing an essay with what should be the final chord.

After doing all this work with the help of an editing service, you will see a completely different text. And the reader will get the perfect text.



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