The Himalayan Salt Lamp – The Power of Negative Ions

No, that is not an asteroid that has just fallen to earth from outer space. Touching it will not grant you special powers. I already tried that, and all I got were salty hands.

After lots of experimenting, and trying to figure out its actual purpose, I broke down and did some real research.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are aesthetically pleasing and create an environment filled with positive energy. Many people find that placing several Salt Lamps in a particular room or space where they spend time lends an even greater benefit, both in terms of physical health and mood enhancement.”

Himalayan Salt Lamp Powers

himalayan salt lamp

What happened is that millions of years ago, when India and Eurasia collided, the reaction elevated the ocean beds, which resulted in what we call the Himalayan mountains today. Salt crystals from the ocean became trapped deep down inside for thousands of years in this mountain range. During all of this time, the salt was never exposed, and today with our twenty-first-century technologies, we can mine it. What we have now is salt from when the earth was pristine. The salt is pure and free of chemicals, with no impurities. Sources say the salt is made of 84 minerals and trace elements, many of which humans require to survive.

Bear with me, please. Sure, it sounds a little hokey, but it cannot look more extraordinary as a decoration for my man-cave.

The salt lamp acts similar to ionizers by permeating its surroundings with negative ions that are believed to be expert bacteria and serial killers. Even if you don’t believe in alternative medicine, the girl you hope to bring back to your den may find it cute. Tell her that negative ions purify the air in your smelly room and can relieve many symptoms, including fatigue, ADHD, burns, and other illnesses; that’s why you keep it in your bedroom.

salt lamp in action

ancient salt

The pictured Himalayan Salt Lamp retails for $34.99 at There are also plenty more pictures and information there, if my feats of magical prowess haven’t convinced you.



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