Here’s How You Can Write an Argumentative Essay in 6 Simple Steps

An essay is an argumentative piece of paper that serves to spark a debate that will ultimately lead the reader to agree on the opinions or ideas provided by the author.

Step 1: Select the format that meets your requirements

  • Understand the purpose: Present arguments about the investigation of a subject or topic.
  • Keep in mind the methodology: You need to get fully involved in the topic.
  • Do not forget the desired result: The main reason is to try to persuade another person or group of people of your opinion on a topic.

Step 2: Theme selection

  • Select a theme suitable for the format: Do not choose a topic that is not debatable
  • Test Your Argument: Discuss your argument with someone who has the opposite point of view. This process will help you refine your thinking and develop new ideas to support your opinion.
  • Your readers are the most important thing: An important aspect of writing is to keep in mind who read your essay. You must know the characteristics of your readers so that you can write optimally. Many mistakes occur due to lack of consideration to the level of intelligence of the intended audience.

Step 3: Structure your argument

  • Create a creative and original title. Connect with your reader before you get to the introduction.
  • Make a thesis statement, a strong idea that summarizes your point of view and provokes the reflection of your readers.
  • Explain your topic briefly in the introduction. Includes relevant background.
  • Write the body of the essay, present the information with evidence and powerful examples. Create challenges for readers!
  • Write your conclusion: Connect your opinion with interests and values of the readers; reaffirm your point and persuade readers to support your claim. (That’s why it’s important to write with a sense of recipient).

Step 4: Quality Control: Include sources and investigations

  • Investigate and seek information from reliable sources.
  • Select sources that are respectable with accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Identify and choose quotes that support your arguments.
  • Cite your sources.

Step 5: Edit

  • Check the requirements in your rubric, verify that the format is correct, and recheck the tone, voice and recipient of your essay. Locates and corrects grammar problems.
  • Learn to see your work with critical eyes to see the mistakes you ignored earlier because being so focused on writing that you could only see what you wanted to say instead of what you really know.

Step 6: If possible, get help!

If possible, seek help. Now you can find whatever you are looking for from the Internet. Various search engines make it easy to find any help including help for your essay. Finding an essay writing service is a smart move to complete your academic assignments on time. You should ask before choosing a service. Good luck and happy searching!



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