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With the current state of the economy and ever decreasing faith in the stock markets and world currencies, many (smart) investors are turning to gold and silver as a way to preserve their wealth.  However, there are a lot of people who consider these metals to be barbaric relics (or “tradition”, as helicopter Bernanke would call it).  But what if we bring these “barbaric relics” to the 21st century, would that change your mind?

We present you the Gold Ingot USB Memory stick.  This cool looking USB stick combines what men have fought wars over for centuries, with one of most useful modern gadgets.  This USB stick not only protects your data but also your wealth.  Well, not really your wealth because the USB stick is only shaped like a gold brick and is actually made out of wood and is coated with gold-leaf from Kanazawa City, Japan.

With gold hitting the highest price ever, at over $1,700 USD an ounce today (not taking inflation into consideration), this is the cheapest way to own a gold brick and maybe show off to your colleagues at work or fellow students at school.  The Gold Ingot USB Memory stick is priced at $185.88 and other than the cool gold-brick look and the fancy box it comes in, this little gadget is just an overpriced USB stick that only has a 4 GB capacity.

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