Gaming Supplements: the World of Nootropics!

What are gaming supplements?

When you think of supplements, you might immediately envision athletes and bodybuilders. For sure, once upon a time, this was your average person browsing the internet for products and ingredients that might aid their performance.

More recently, however, a new niche of supplements has emerged. Craig Salmon Nutrition Expert and Tutor at from Premier Global NASM says that “somewhere between sports supplements and biohacking supplements, we have gaming supplements. These are products designed to increase focus, mental clarity, and wakefulness without the jitters and anxiety that something like a typical pre-workout might give.”

Why use gaming supplements?

The last year has meant that more people than ever have turned to gaming for an escape, hobby, and way to build a new skill. With team sports and gyms put on hold, many have picked up computers and control pads as a way to fill that time.

With so many more people logging on, the standard is high, and many people are cashing in! Streaming platforms and the number of YouTubers documenting their lives as professional gamers have boomed.

Whether you’re just getting into gaming and want an edge or are more advanced, the correct gaming supplement can give you that extra percentage boost that can make the difference between first place and third.

When to use gaming supplements

This depends entirely on the specific ingredients in the product, their effects, and their half-lives.

Take caffeine, for example, one of the most common stimulants you will find in any product. In healthy adults, the half-life of caffeine is around 6 hours. That means that if you consume a 200mg caffeine energy drink at 6 pm after work, 100mg is still floating around your system at midnight. It’s no wonder so many people have problems switching off and falling asleep!

If you prefer gaming in the evening, as many do, avoid high stimulant products, or if the product does contain stimulants, look for ingredients that can manage some of the less pleasant side effects, like l-theanine.

As with any growing supplement category, not all of the products emerging are as good as their marketing might make them seem, with brands hopping on the trend to have something to show. One product with a bulletproof panel is Ghost Gamer.

Trevor Goodwin founder and CEO at leading online supplements store T-nutrition recommends Ghost Lifestyle, unlike many brands releasing products, are not strictly a bodybuilding brand. Ghost is a lifestyle performance brand catering to a range of individuals! Ghost gamer delivers a jam-packed panel of brain-boosting nootropics and natural energy to help you dial in for an afternoon on the sticks, work, or study.

The full disclosure label contains fully dosed ingredients, including several patented ones. This means that you know the exact dose of each ingredient within the formula and can be confident that each ingredient is of the highest possible quality.

In each scoop, you will find nooLVL®, l-tyrosine, Cognizin® Citicoline, natural caffeine, and AstraGin®. Each of these nootropics works via different mechanisms to give you a comprehensive cognitive boost, plus astragin to increase absorption of each.

Like all Ghost supplements, special care has been taken to perfect the flavoring. A serving of this is a real treat, with the Peach flavor an absolute winner! It’s excellent value too. Unlike your average supplement, which will contain a month supply at most, you’ll get a whopping 40 servings in each tub. If you’re only using it a few days a week, you’ll be able to enjoy the product for a good while before needing to restock!


We fully predict 2021 to be the year of the gaming supplement! No matter what level you are or what your game of choice is, these supplements can make the gaming experience more enjoyable and give you an edge over your competitors.

Not all these supplements are created equally. Our recommended product of the year so far is Ghost Gamer, the perfect combo of brain-boosting nootropics and natural energy delivered in true GHOST® form…SICK design, EPIC flavors, and a STACKED, fully transparent formula.



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