Four Essential Expectations of the Well-Traveled, Modern Man

Well-traveled. Cultured. Respected.

Such traits are considered the cornerstones of modern masculinity; however, unlocking these elements of your personality are easier said than done.

Perhaps one of the best ways to transform the way the world perceives you is by, ironically, seeing more of the world. The benefits of traveling young, for starters, can help shape us to do any combination of the following:

  • Change the way that we relate to the world and ultimately understand the meaning of “culture”
  • Help up build relationships and understand the importance of communication
  • Empower us to take on new challenges head on versus sitting on the sidelines

Whether you or not you consider yourself a “well-traveled” man, take the following tips into account as means of kick-starting your personal journey to a more well-rounded lifestyle. Looking to garner more respect? Ready to seize the day?

Excellent. Now, let’s get started.

Look the Part

Although looks may not be everything, taking pride in your appearance represents a solid starting point to letting others know that you mean business. The trick is to avoid looking like a prototype and instead taking your sense of style and making it your own. For example:

  • Regular grooming: strive to get your haircut from a proper barber every month or so and keep your face clean with a high quality electric shaver
  • Switch up your style: don’t be “that guy” that only wears the same outfit every other day, and instead experiment with new styles and fits every few months to keep people guessing
  • Start working out: regular jogs and some light dumbbells can do wonders for your physique and help boost your sense of masculinity

Think of it this way: improving your physical well-being ultimately represents the building blocks necessary to build your confidence to do whatever you want to do.

Aspire to be a “Yes” Man

If any of the aforementioned tips make you feel a bit unsure or uncomfortable, that’s a good thing. In fact, you should strive to put yourself in situations that are new and unfamiliar as means of personal growth. Next time your buddies ask you to go to a different side of town or do something completely off-the-wall, aspire to say “yes” rather than crawl back into your shell.

Care About Your Career

While work shouldn’t consume your life, you should start focusing on how you can build a career that you actually care about versus simply slaving away for “the man.” Consider, for example, the rise of lifestyle entrepreneurs and digital nomads: such a lifestyle may allow you to get the best of both worlds when it comes to travel and making bank.

As we age, it’s natural to second guess our career choices. Think about your passions and what you really want to do for the long-haul. Likewise, consider how your career can help you reach your goal of traveling more.

Invest in a Creative Hobby

Growing your personality beyond your physique and career involves you to have some creative hobbies on deck. Whether it’s learning an instrument, becoming a amateur bartender or simply a creative outlet such as writing or drawing, hobbies are sure-fire conversation starters that will expand your mind. Don’t let yourself become boring or stale: again, such hobbies may be challenging but will ultimately help you grow as a person.

Being well-traveled is about more than just points on a map. By understanding how you can revamp your personal journey in life, you can find true happiness and see the world on your own terms.



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