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Unfinished Man’s travel expert, Chad, can be found hanging out in the ghettos of Belize or the busy bazaars of Egypt when he isn’t stuck in Vancouver, BC writing articles for you guys. Although he hasn’t officially been mugged or robbed (yet), the Patagonia Travel Belt is just the thing for him or anyone who travels a lot, or if you simply happen to live in an area where you shouldn’t be carrying cash.

Although you can’t fit your ID in it, the Patagonia Travel Belt can hold pretty much most of the world’s available currency. If you really wanted, you could also hide your folded passport in the belt. Of course, the belt also functions as a belt that will help you keep your pants on.

This belt is the perfect way to keep your money hidden from prying eyes. It’s also less of a hassle when you compare it to people who actually sew money on the inside of their pants when they visit third world countries. The belt is made out of 1.5-inch heavy duty nylon webbing with a zippered 19-inch stealth pocket for your valuables. Apparently the belt can also be turned into an emergency lashing strap as it features a no-slip forged aluminum buckle.

At $30, I’d say that it’s a pretty good investment that will pay for itself just after one mugging. The Patagonia Travel Belt is available in Black and Narwhal Grey.



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