Fine Examples Of Amazingly Terrible Tans

When anybody mentions that they went to the tanning salon, the first thing that comes to mind is that terrible show “Growing Up Gotti” and the teenagers that were on the show. It’s no surprise that the pictures below mainly consist of Guidos. I’m just surprised that their friends haven’t told them how terrible they look. Have a look below and see to it that this does not happen to you.

Guy and girl with a fake salon tan

Gross tan on a bodybuilder

Muscular dude with a fake tan

Group of people with fake tans

Gotch chick with terrible tan

Ugly gotti boys with fake tan

Guido with powty lips and fake tan

Tan gone wrong on a blonde chick

Gudio and Guidette with fake tans

Gay guy with a man purse and fake tan

Snooki from Jersey Shore with nasty tan

Muscular dude with fake tan

Fake tan on a gothic person

More terrible tans can be found at EgoTVOnline




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  1. Oh man, these are awesome!!!

    Why is the guy on the right, at the wedding (pic 11), so sad? His Guido brother seem pretty happy 🙂

  2. f*** snooki ugly whore who cant do shyt but fuck every guy nd get wasted with ur ugly ass tan get off tv your gross and discusting


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