Fantastic Facts About Gold Engagement Rings

The rich hue of gold has succeeded in mesmerizing people since the day it got retrieved from crude ingots. Perfect polishing resulted in a brilliance never seen before. It was thus natural to make this unique material a part of adornment. You are no doubt enamored by the beauty of gold engagement rings, but the use of gold has remained popular since the dawn of civilization. The ancient worshipers of Nature decked the Sun God with gold finery, and that practice trickled down to the Royalty eventually. 

Often adorned with rich fabrics of delicate and satiny sheen, every King or Queen in history has been found decked up in gold jewelry that served as a message to the people, both friends and enemies alike. The yellow gold was revered and obtained celebrity status, while the jewelry reached new heights once it started getting fashioned into beautiful necklaces, armlets, earrings, and gold engagement rings

Check out the history of gold, and you will be surprised to find many unique pairings that were handed down to the next generation and formed an heirloom of sorts. Indeed, the Victorians and individuals living in the Georgian eras fashioned jewelry by embedding many stunning gemstones into the soft and pliable gold base. It is common to find rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and a host of semi-precious stones such as turquoise used to draw increased attention to the brilliant gold that had a stunning effect. Old England did have its share of gold engagement rings sourced from far-off locations, especially the vast subcontinent of India. 

The craftsmanship attained new heights in the ancient era when the jewelry discovered in closely guarded vaults and safes revealed exquisite engravings and etchings on them. Most of them formed a part of a message or were used to showcase the daring might of the Ruler. Black enamel was used in tandem with gold to create a mesmerizing effect as well. You can trace the history of gold back to 3000 BC Iraq and go a thousand years back into the past to find gold jewelry delighting the rich folk of Eastern Europe of 4000 BC. However, gold engagement rings were yet to become significant. 

What is Gold?

Well, gold is a precious metal that comprises a soft yellow hue. Gold has to be mined and then refined to form the base metal for several pieces of jewelry. Indeed, it had been the only form of precious jewelry in the past, long before gold engagement rings were in vogue. No jewelry can be fashioned out of 100% gold, however. The metal is too soft to hold the precious gemstones in place. You will thus find the jewelry varying in carat weight when you go into the jewelry store, prepared to buy gold jewelry. Choose anything between 8 carats to 24 carats (the highest purity available) and adorn yourself. Gold is one of the best gift items that please the recipient greatly. You cannot buy gold for less than 10 carats and hope to resell it for the same value. The US market recognizes jewelry or metal above 10-carat weight as an authentic item. 

Sure, you find gold in a variety of hues today. You can check out the rose gold or white gold variety; if the standard yellow shade does not give you the same thrill. It is exciting to learn that the variation in color stems from gold being mixed with other metals, such as copper, silver, or zinc. The purity thus goes down as the rich yellow sheen fades to take on a more interesting shade. 

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History Of Engagement Rings

You love showing off the ring on your petite fingers and reveal the current romantic status that you enjoy now. Unfortunately, the first engagement ring was gifted to the wearer who was branded as an individual who was owned by somebody. The tradition began in ancient Rome with women found wearing all kinds of metallic rings to depict that they were obligated to love and obey their men. The earliest remains of gold engagement rings have been retrieved from the ruined city of Pompeii

Well, the act of pledging marriage was formalized by Pope Nicholas I. It was Pope Nicholas who declared that these rings denoted the purity of intention associated with betrothal. It had half been gold until the fateful day of 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria asked for the hand of Mary of Burgundy with one of the most spectacular rings that included thin lines of tiny diamonds mounted on a base of gold to form the letter M. 

Popularity Of Gold Engagement Rings

The reason for favoring gold in engagement and wedding rings can be traced back to the desire of individuals for everything natural. Yes! Gold has an atomic weight of 79, is found naturally in various parts of the world. The rich color not only looks most attractive and can be polished to increase in brilliance too. It does not react easily, nor is it toxic to the skin. The safe and durable metal is cherished to date. Gold engagement rings have remained popular for centuries with both old-timers and millennials being eager to wear them at least once in their life. 

Sure, the trend of flaunting a massive solitaire diamond after being engaged has caught on. However, it is the gold rings that hold sway even today. The most popular form of gold engagement rings at Diamonds-USA today are fashioned out of white and yellow gold.

While you would find yourself in illustrious circles by picking a yellow gold item out of hundreds of beautiful gold engagement rings, the white gold engagement ring is suited to all skin types. Moreover, white gold happens to be a trifle more durable and scratch-resistant when compared to yellow gold engagement rings. 

Celebs who sport Gold Engagement Rings

You have no doubt been mesmerized by Blake Lively’s rose gold ring. However, it was Jennifer Lawrence who celebrated the plain yet magnificent classic band that adorned her finger. It was Hailey Baldwin’s ring that attracted attention big time. Her 18K ring was rumored to have been designed by Justin Bieber himself. 

The age-old adage of being as good as gold finds resonance in the present as it did in the past and will probably have the same effect in the future. Gold engagement rings are here to stay despite the rising trend of colored gems and inexpensive metal bands. In short, gold engagement rings provide value for money and can support you when you are down and out. Go for it! 



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