Drywall Furniture: Redecorate the House WITH House

Numerous guys over the years have told me that if it didn’t mean girls would be instantly terrified, they would make all their own furniture out of whatever they had at hand. Were it not for the eternal quest for sex, many man caves would still be sporting the cinderblock-milk-crate-wire-spool-chic of the guy who just can’t be arsed to care. While shabby and handmade decor is enjoying a Renaissance thanks to hipsters and the “I can totally make the cutest pencil holder out of this juice box a hobo peed in” Pintrest crowd, what happens when you don’t have any materials at hand?

Take a cue from artist Scott A. Carter and make drywall furniture. Out of your walls. You don’t really, need those, do you?

Drywall Furniture: I’ve Always Wanted A Window There Anyways

If you’re handy with power tools, you can create furniture out of your drywall. Now, outside of being aesthetically pleasing and quite ingenious, this is perfect for the man that truly doesn’t care about how his man cave looks. You’ve still got an outer wall and studs and insulation, and you’d much rather have a chair to crash in while you shoot noobs than a smooth, unbroken expanse of useless wall.  And as Carter proves, if you think your design out beforehand, the negative space you leave while cannibalizing your domicile is actually stunning art in every way.

Not that we like to encourage you to start drilling holes and using a dremel to abuse your rental apartment, but these drywall furniture pieces are the envy of the man who likes his decor spartan and everything else stacked and orderly.  I highly encourage you to head over to Carter’s site, where he’s also got beautiful inspirational installations that will give you all sorts of great, destructively creative ideas. Why not slice stacks of your carpet and layer them into plush topographical maps? It’s a guaranteed way to hide the plethora of dubious stains. Or perhaps tear the pictures off your walls so you can turn the frames into seating. Then you can stare at the dingy outline of where art used to hang, in order to ponder and eventually understand the meaning of space and the transitory nature of our human souls. Or just to have a bench to sit on, I guess.



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