Don’t Like Reading Books? Read This…

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I started reading books, but I remember being pretty young. I remember really enjoying Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys and murder mysteries. Those were great!

My parents and teachers encouraged my reading as much as possible, and you know what? I’m really glad that they did. I was reading an article by Ryan Holiday recently that talks about ways for people to read more. Basically he suggests that people simply need to make the time for it, just like they make time to watch television, jerk off, or spend time with their girlfriends. I think he’s right about that, but he also made another point that really resonated with me. He said…

Look, you either get this or you don’t. Reading is something you know is important and want to do more of. Or you’re someone who just doesn’t read. If you’re the latter, you’re on your own (you’re also probably not that smart).

And you know what? I think he’s right. I’ve met quite a few people during my time on this earth (that’s one of the “perks” of having done sales for so many years), and I can say with the utmost conviction that everyone I’ve met that expressed a dislike of reading were not, shall we say, the sharpest tools in the shed. I mean really, how could they be? I think it’s fair to say that we learn a lot by reading books, and if we don’t read books? Well, what can I say…

How can you ever learn to communicate effectively if you don’t read books? If your only source of reading material is an online gossip blog or lifestyle site like Unfinished Man then cripe, I weep for the future of humanity. How can you live with yourself? How can a person say they don’t like reading? That’s like saying they don’t enjoy music.

It’s sad… we’re living in an age where people’s attention spans are measured in seconds, and internet memes reign supreme. Many people just don’t have the patience to sit down, read a book slowly, and try to absorb some of the content. If it isn’t a collection of cute cat and dog pictures, forget about it.

Reading books? Who does that anymore??! Well, you don’t, and you know what? You’re probably not very smart.

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4 comments on “Don’t Like Reading Books? Read This…”

  1. Sorry fella, but I beg to differ. I don’t understand what you’re trying to do with this post. Are to you trying to make readers feel better about themselves or non-readers worse?
    Daniel Pennac: Reader’s Bill of Rights

  2. Man come on I recently knew this website along with my recent interest of ur posts… allow me however to object about what u say here.
    first I’ll be honest to totally agree with u that reading is important, but im only saying that cuz i believe reading, and what an offsrping experience through his first years, should give you the basic infrastructure of u and urself…
    Then the rest of life’s shit u get to absorb faster and smarter through life n its streets… yaw im seriously sure lol at least this theory works well with me.

    (just to emphasize: ill qoute ur “People are always asking me why I’m so happy all the time, never complain, and why I’m such an all around awesome person. To that I usually say something like “what are you trying to get out of me?” before explaining that I put a lot of effort into growing, and not being such a useless human being.” and thats exactly the case for me,,, except for that I usually reply with “life is a strawberry”. If they ask further then I say “sometimes its in ur mouth, and sometimes its in a taste of a condom”

    Anyway man what im trying to say here is u cant say if u dont read u r probably not smart… I hate reading books, but i do so when i need to learn something. Meaning that I totally disagree with u if u mean to read books about general stuff in life like: boobs and books about depression, fun, stories, psychology, stupidism, etc.. (I like boobs more than u though).. Thus I only read scientific books when I need,,,, advanced engineering stuff, advanced science in general stuff that u cant grab through life itself. Otherwise everything is on a silver spoon in front of us, the difference comes in how steep u take stuff into consideration and how often u ask urself ‘how? how how? and why?’ about almost everything. (Thats just my opinion, plus it takes a special one to be able to be smart with no books. Not that im rejecting what u say, in fact to some extent and pointer towards many people what u say is the right thing,,, if and only if u r addressing those many people, then ich verstehe)

    Pass auf dich auf 😉

    • Congratulations, you’ve done it… you’ve left the best comment on Unfinished Man EVER!

      Also, you’ve changed my mind. You’re right, there’s really no reason to read books… it’s now obvious to me that they do nothing for a person’s ability to form sentences and express themselves clearly.


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