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Dogs make fantastic companions and if you’re reading this article, you’re probably already thinking of getting one. Before you buy or sell a puppy, you should check out; a place where you can advertise puppies for sale, look into dog descriptions and photos to help you decide what you want to get. This is a great tool to check to both buy, sell and familiarize yourself with different dogs and puppies.

However, when it comes to dog breeds, you might have a preference but that breed doesn’t fit well with your lifestyle. Some dogs need to run a lot, others are much lazier. Some work well in apartments, others wouldn’t last a week in one without tearing the place apart. Before you get a dog, it’s important to determine what breeds are going to work well in your circumstances, both for your own sanity, but also for the well-being of the dog. A dog is a living creature and not just a blouse you can return if it doesn’t work out. So, let’s get to it.

Apartment Living
We’ll start with apartment living because a huge portion of people who live in apartments want dogs and it’s probably the hardest form of living to accommodate a dog in—apart from the fact that some places don’t even allow you to have pets. So, what breeds work best for apartments? We’ll go through a few.

The Boston terrier makes a great apartment dog because they’re so small. They do need a lot of exercise, but a long walk a day should suit them just fine.

Chihuahuas, much like Boston terriers, make good apartment dogs because they’re really small and again, one good long walk a day will tire them out and you’ll be set.

English or French bulldogs make fantastic apartment dogs because they’re pretty lazy and won’t kick up a huge fuss or be bored out of their minds indoors.

It’s not just small dogs that make great apartment dogs, there are some large breeds that work well too. The Great Dane can make a great apartment dog because they’re as lazy as they are large. They’re calm and friendly and don’t bark a lot—perfect!

House Dogs
I’m not going to focus too long on this because pretty much every dog works well in a house, but I don’t want you to think there was a reason I’d left it out. So, if you live in a house with a yard, pretty much any breed should suit you.

Hot Climate
If you live in a hot climate there are some breeds that are going to work better over others.

Both golden and Labrador retrievers do well in hot climates, despite their shaggy nature.

American foxhounds love summer weather because it was typically in that kind of temperature that they hunted back in the days. They’re very energetic, so spending lots of time running around in the sun will make them happy.

Other notable breeds for hot weather: the greyhound, water spaniel, and Doberman.

Cold Climates
While most dogs can handle cold climates, there are some especially suited to it with their big furry coats.

Huskies are the obvious dog breed that does well in the cold. Snow, sleet, ice, anything makes them happy.

The Akita also makes a great cold-weather dog because originally they were used in harsh weather as a hunting companion.

The Bernese mountain dog is great in low tempertures since it came from the mountains in Switzerland… and it snows a lot there.

Regardless of where you live, you can find a dog breed to suit you, you just need to make sure you’re choosing one that fits the best with your living circumstances and is a great place to start to get a feel for what breed you want and help find the dog for you.



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