DIY Privacy Monitor – Lets Only You See What’s On Your Monitor

Tired of people trying to have a peak at what you’re looking at on your computer monitor?  I currently don’t have that problem but did have it when I used to work in an office and every time someone visited me in my cubicle, while talking to me, they’d always try to read MY emails or whatever was on the screen.  A user at has come up with a very nice solution for this problem, although I wouldn’t recommend doing this to your work computer.

Instructables user dimovi took a regular monitor and turned it into a “Privacy Monitor” that displays a white screen to everyone except those wearing special glasses.  So what do you need to turn your monitor into the one pictured above?  Check out the instructions below:

Do-It yourself privacy monitorTake an old LCD monitor (if you want to use a new one, be my guest); open it up from the back.  On the front of the monitor you’ll see two thin films on the glass, a frosted anti-glare film and a polarized film that filters out light you’re not supposed to see.  Cut out the polarized film with a box cutter or any other cutting tool and peel it off, there will be glue left on the glass part which can be removed with a damp cloth.  Now put everything back together the way you found it.

private computer monitorTurn on the monitor and you’ll see a white screen with nothing on it.  Now you’ll need a pair of old sunglasses or use those 3D glasses you got at the theater when you watched a 3D movie last time.  Take out the glass/plastic lenses and cut the polarized film to fit in the empty frame.  You’ll need to peel off the anti-glare film off the polarized film first and voila, you have magic glasses.  Wear the glasses to see what’s on your monitor while everyone thinks you’ve lost your mind.

Privacy Monitor 4Privacy Monitor 5 e1322528109365I’m going to give this a shot just need to find an old LCD monitor; I’m not brave enough to try it on my nice LG monitor.

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  1. Hello,

    My film “spoiled”. After I remove it from the monitor she aged and lost the polarized effect. where can I find another? It is normal to lose its effect after a while?


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