Delta Heavy Boardgame Video – Crushing Your Childhood

I love the amazing things that can be achieved with stop motion, and while you often see variations on levels or sound waves, this new Delta Heavy boardgame video is a masterpiece. Not only is the animation top notch, it’s filled with all the games that most of us loved to play with as a child. And if you were a little hellion that enjoyed smashing all the things, then this great music video might feel awfully familiar to you.

Delta Heavy Boardgame Video – 80s Children Can Cry Along to ‘Get By’

delta heavy boardgame video get by connect fourI’m going to get this joke out of the way and say that DUBSTEP IS RUINING ALL THE THINGS I LOVE. Before the hatemail comes pouring in, I actually don’t mind this song at all. In terms of the wub-wub-screech genre, it’s pretty tame, and certainly catchy enough. However, as of yet, I’m not 100% sophisticated/cyborg enough to appreciate my computer screaming at me while it slowly chews up snatches of melodies that maybe could have been great until they made my brain leak out my ears. So stuff it about how ZOMG dubstep is- to each their own. And my own is smashing Hungry Hungry Hippos with a giant meat cleaver. Let the wholesale appreciation of this radical Delta Heavy boardgame video for ‘Get By’ begin… there’s simply no denying how simultaneously soul crushing and glee inducing meat hammering Connect Four tiles can be. Yes Virginia, this IS how records are made.

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delta heavy boardgame video get by soccer gamedelta heavy boardgame video get by hungry hipposdelta heavy boardgame video get by guess whodelta heavy boardgame video get by broken toysDelta Heavy just released the video to coincide with the release of their new album, Down the Rabbit Hole, so if this is your sort of sound, keep an eye on their website, or pick up the track for yourself.




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