Dazzling Dog Hair Sweaters – By Dog Owners, for Dog Owners

I’ve had pets around me almost my entire life; dogs, cats, fish… birds… even rats. They were all great animals in their own way (save the rat, which was awful and died a horrific death), but the rest… top notch. I don’t regret a single one of them. In fact, I liked them quite a bit… you could even say I *gasp* loved (most) of them.

But there’s one line I never crossed. Actually… I can think of a few, but I’ll leave those to your imagination. So there was one line I never crossed, and that was using my pets’ discarded fur as clothing. When I combed my cats and dogs, their shed fur went right into the garbage. But it seems that some of us think differently… some of us believe that having our pets around just isn’t enough. For some people, the only sensible thing to do with shed hair is create dog hair sweaters.

The Finest Dog Hair Sweaters on the Market

I actually heart about dog hair sweaters as a child, if you can believe it. My gym teacher told me that he knew someone who made them, and even then I found the concept quite perplexing. Their hair is really no different than any other animals, but it’s a bit strange, right? Like using the hair you collect in the shower from your girlfriends head to form a piece of clothing. That’s some murderer shit right there.

dog hair sweater dog fur coat woman in dog hair vest dog and owner dog fur turtleneck dog wool vest white fur coat another dog and ownerWho Actually Makes These?

That’s an excellent question, and thanks for asking. Honestly? I have absolutely no idea. Friends of friends of that weird uncle you see once a year perhaps?

Photographer Erwan Fichou took these photos of the dogs and their owners, but, well… that’s about all I know. There could very well be a successful dog hair sweater business out there that I simply don’t know about, and no… I don’t mean the “fur trim” on your expensive winter jacket either.

If any of you know anyone who owns a dog hair sweater, or hell, even made one, then please leave a comment below and tell us all about it. I’m truly curious!




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