Can You Watch Anime on Netflix?

Anime lovers rejoice. There’s never been a better time to be a fan of the genre. Gone are the days where viewing options were limited to the same handful of sites and the occasional YouTube upload. More and more streaming services are expanding their offerings and investing in original content. Netflix is no exception. The streaming giant has been putting out quality new programming. It’s also hosting some beloved anime classics. Are you often asking yourself, “what anime should I watch?” Here are a few Netflix titles for your next streaming binge.

Death Note

Don’t worry, it’s not the unfortunate live-action movie. Death Note is best enjoyed in its purest anime form. When high school student Light Yagami finds the Death Note, he realizes that he can kill anyone, anywhere by writing their name in the book. Light soon finds himself on a power-hungry quest to purge the world of those he deems unworthy, all the while being pursued by ace detective L. It’s a tense cat-and-mouse thriller with some deliciously creepy supernatural elements thrown in the mix. There’s a reason Death Note is one of the most popular modern animes. It’s just that good.

Devilman Crybaby

A fair warning: Devilman Crybaby is not for the faint of heart. It’s gratuitously violent, violently gratuitous, and absolutely none of the material is safe for younger viewers. If that sentence intrigues you, however, you’re in for an explosive, surreal trip. When perpetual softie Akira finds himself possessed by one of the strongest devils in the world, he decides it’s up to him to use his newfound powers to right the wrongs of the world. Devilman Crybaby’s unconventional art style helps it stand out from the pack but the genuinely interesting tale of the spiritual clash between a carnal devil and a wimp makes for a fun, darkly comic romp.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Yes, Fullmetal Alchemist was previously adapted as an anime. It’s also an excellent choice but fans generally agree that Brotherhood does it best. Equal parts dark, gripping fantasy and powerful character study, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood follows brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. After they use forbidden alchemical techniques to try to resurrect their dead mother, they pay an immense price, both physically and mentally. At the core of the series is a sprawling journey of redemption and an introspective look at familial ties. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is truly one of the greatest stories anime has to offer.


Interested in a show that will have you emotionally relating to a talking red panda? Then Aggretsuko is perfect for you! The series is centered on Retsuko, a cute and charming red panda who vents her frustrations through frequent doses of death metal karaoke. While the premise seems gamely absurd, Aggretsuko doesn’t avoid serious themes such as workplace sexism and misogyny. It’s must-watch television for anyone who feels like they wish they were being heard a little more. Plus, it’s got pandas singing death metal. What more could you want?

Little Witch Academia

There’s a reason Little Witch Academia is so popular: It’s simply a whole lot of fun. The show is set at Luna Nova Academy, which is essentially anime Hogwarts. It’s a school dedicated to the instruction of young witches, the most enthusiastic of which is Atsuko Kagari. Her earnest demeanor, can-do attitude, and spirited beliefs make her one of the most purely enjoyable characters in anime. Little Witch Academia boasts a cute-but-not-cutesy animation style, characters from all over the world, and quality voice acting. It’s a breezy way to spend a magical evening or two.

Get Watching

Whether you’re interested in thrilling tales of the supernatural or are more drawn towards a group of witches coming into their own, you’re in luck. Netflix has something for every anime fan, from original content to fan favorites. The only thing left to do is to start watching. What are you waiting for?



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