Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

You’ve probably heard of some bloggers that make hundreds of thousands – or maybe even millions – of dollars each year. It sounds like a dream – perhaps too good to be true. The question is whether or not those bloggers are lucky or are telling the truth. Can you really make money blogging?

The truth is that there is money in blogging, but maybe not in the way everyone thinks. Just posting blog posts on your website is not likely to bring in a good revenue stream. That is a bit like putting a book out that you don’t charge for – no one has anything to spend money on. And therefore, it’s not going to bring in money.

Instead, your blog should be a jumping-off point. It is something to bring in readers, build your reputation, and build a loyal following. The money comes when you provide things for your audience to spend money on, such as products and services – and there are several ways to do it.

Many bloggers sell ad space, which is an option, but not everyone likes to fill their pages with ads for other companies. If you choose this route, you’ll want to think carefully about it and be sure you don’t give access to advertising companies that will take over your page.

Other bloggers create courses, eBooks, T-shirts, journals, and planners – things that are relevant to their audience. And some bloggers provide services, such as coaching, freelance writing, sponsored posts, and similar items. You can also choose affiliate marketing.

As you can see, there are plenty of options and opportunities available. Unfortunately, this can make it challenging to determine what to do. Below, you’ll find a few tips to help.

Be True to Your Blog

First and foremost, you want to stick with the purpose of your blog. If your audience is moms, you want to provide products and services that are relevant to them. If you’re targeting CEOs, your products and services should target them. This makes it much easier to drive sales and create things your audience needs. It also helps you maintain your loyal following.

Find One Thing

Start with just one revenue stream. If you choose affiliate marketing, take the time to learn the ropes and set it up successfully. You’ll want to pour your energy into that for a while until you’ve got a good handle on it.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

You’ve heard that phrase before. If you rely on only one thing, you’ll not likely be as successful as you’d like. Once you have mastered your first revenue stream – or at least got it running pretty smoothly – move on to the next one. Spend time focusing on that one for a while, too. Once set up, you can decide if you want to focus on another.

Don’t Overdo It

You want to diversify, but not so much that you’re spread too thin. If you do, you might find yourself making less money, as you can’t keep up with the streams of income you’ve started.

As much as possible, automate your tasks. Many things, like posting advertisements and blog posts, can be automated through different tools. Many sales tasks can also be automated. When you set things up to manage themselves, you can free up more time to ensure you take care of everything else well.

Another option is to hire a helper or outsource some of your tasks. You might find a friend or family member that can help keep sales flowing smoothly. You can outsource many tasks like SEO and bookkeeping to help you stay on top of everything.

In short, yes, you can make money blogging. The bottom line is that you need to create revenue streams through your blog and be strategic in how you manage them.



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