You can make money from your junk removal

Everybody has junk just laying around the house. Remember that old chair that has a busted leg, or the old doll house you use to play with? Well, there are ways to make that into a profit. It’s never fun having a house of junk or hoarding every object you own which I am sure leaves little space in the house. So,let’s open up a few ways where you can win by getting rid of some of the old junk that is never being used anymore. One thing to remember is junk removal may not make you a triple digit figure in a day, but it will add some extra cash in your pocket that you may need.

Haul it away like you would a broken car

One of the most beneficial startups for making money from junk is to create a local interest in junk removal. This can be done by setting up flyers, notifying neighbors, and assuring the time you can pick up their junk with a price. You may even find an item that you can sell on amazon that will make you thousands of dollars. Sometimes, you can stumble upon a lot of money by accident in this business. My local library sold a book for one cent that sold on amazon for over a half of a million dollars because it was an original copy of an Ernest Hemingway’s book. So, why not haul away your local neighborhood’s junk? Not only will you feel like a toe truck for junk, but you’ll making tons of money at the same time.

Ebay or Amazon

Another common form of junk removal is by selling it online. I mean Ebay has made billions for people that are selling stuff that they bought for a dollar at a junk sale. Why not sift through Ebay to see what junk can be sold on it? I’m pretty sure collectable items sell for a lot. Amazon is another place that you can sell items on for a return value. Do not rule out the internet for junk removal because selling a couch online is possible, or even a television that is old. You never know what you will make off these sites but the surprise is well worth it.

Don’t leave your junk in your house

The bottom line here is that you don’t want your junk just sitting around the house. You can start your own business, or you can sell stuff online. But either way, there is money to be made, and cash to be had. Simple items may surprise you for the amount of money they will sell. I certainly know if the locals won’t help you start delving online. In the end, it is dependent on what you have laying around your place that will get you money.



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  1. Very nice post, definitely lots of gems and treasures that you can overlook in your clutter. A garage sale is a nice idea to get rid of the true things you don’t want anymore. Always good to recycle and let people re-use it.


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