Bumper Plates vs Traditional Steel Plates – Which is Best for a Home Gym?

The Covid crisis has led to more of us working out at home. You can never be sure whether the next lockdown will mean that you are no longer able to go to the gym. So, new home fitness equipment is on quite a few people’s wish list. Including the kind of items you normally only work out with at the gym, like loose weights and an Olympic bar. 

If you are in the market for this type of equipment, this article is for you. Today, we are going to consider whether a set of impact bumpers or traditional steel plates are the best option for a home gym.

Bumper plates are quieter

When you are working out at home, especially early in the morning or late at night, you do not want to disturb everyone else in the house if you can help it. Bumper plates are coated with a layer of rubber, which means that when you drop them, they make far less noise than steel plates do. They are also quieter when you are using them. The clanking that happens as two or three plates touch during each movement is muffled by the rubber. 

Adding in a rubber workout mat or floor covering will further muffle the sound when you drop the weight. You can find out more about laying this kind of flooring in a home or garage gym, by watching this short video.

Durability considerations

Both kinds of plates are extremely durable. But the covering on bumpers can crack if your technique is to drop the weights. That is why it is extremely important to buy them from a reputable source. One that only uses the high-grade rubber that is designed to withstand repeated impacts. This is also why using rubber flooring, which will absorb some of the impact, is a good idea.


Bumpers are typically a little more expensive than steel weights are. But the benefits that they offer means that most home gym users still opt to buy them.

Safety first

If you do want to work with heavy weights in a home gym, you have to be extremely careful, as they can pose dangers. Unless you are already very experienced with working out with this type of weight, you should not do so in a home environment. 

Plus, when working with heavy weights you should never do so alone – have a spotting partner on hand, otherwise, things can go wrong. Should the worst happen, you will need someone with you who is strong enough to lift the weights out of the way and make sure you are alright. It is also important to invest in a squat rack or stand. Doing so will make things easier for you as well as safer. These tips will also help you to train safely at home.



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