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Liquor is one of those things you typically know what you like or just go for the standards. Vodka: Smirnoff. Rum: Bacardi. Whiskey: Jack Daniels. The list goes on. But there are tons of international liquors out there that you should be trying because not only are they delicious, but it’s good to try new things. These international liquors are probably things you’ve never even heard of, but could be a game changer in your drinking games. Plus, it’ll impress your friends when you pull out the alcohol to have stuff they’ve never heard of from foreign countries.

Berliner Luft
Berliner Luft is a peppermint liqueur from, you guessed it, Berlin, Germany. It’s traditionally done as shots since the taste is so strong of peppermint. One sniff and it’ll clear your nostrils straight up. It’s not super strong, around 20%, but it’s still tasty.

You can also alternatively buy orange flavor or ones that are double percentage.

This liquor originates from Iceland and is made with pure Icelandic water and seasoned with caraway seeds. Sounds like an odd combination, but it’s really tasty and really warms up your insides. Leave to the Icelandic to make up a liquor like that—it gets cold up there!

Originating from Ethiopia, this liquor comes from somewhere that is absolutely not on the forefront of our minds when it comes to liquor making. It’s also probably unlike anything you’ve had before, as it’s made from fermented honey, combined with bitter herbs.

Unfortunately, Tej is hard to find in the US, but you can find some producers within the country who make a similar counterpart.

You may have heard of this one before, as it comes from Brazil and is a white rum derived from molasses. It’s quite popular in the States, as it’s the prime ingredient of the caipirinha. It should be easy enough to find in most liquor stores, and although it’ll be sold as a “Brazilian rum” it is so much more, and better, than that.

This liquor comes from the Netherlands, our friends to the north who love tulips. This is a type of gin, although probably different to most you currently drink, as it’s juniper-flavored. This differs from gin because the finish is more malty and sweet than you’d ever find in a London Dry or Bombay Sapphire.

If you haven’t tried Amarula before now, it’s a must. This drink from South Africa is very creamy and sugary and is great by itself, in a hot drink, in ice cream or shakes, and more. How many types of liquor do you know that are basically a dessert?

These six international liquors are very different from your average run of mill vodka and rum and are definitely worth seeking out. If none other to impress company when they come over for a nightcap.



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