Are Electric Motorcycles Being Made Safer Than Gas-Powered Ones?

Could you imagine asking the same question 10 or 15 years ago? The idea was just gaining ground. The first real mention of an electric motorcycle was in an issue of Popular Mechanics in 1911. It promised a high speed of 35 mph and a range of 75 miles. Things have changed. Today, some electric motorcycles can go from 0-60 in roughly three seconds.

The question here is will the future be safe for motorcyclists? Of course, that will vary by manufacturer. Let’s take a close look at these electric-powered bikes that will soon be a common sight and examine the pros and cons.

They Will Cost You Less Money

We are not talking about the initial investment right now. Manufacturers are working on a cost-efficient alternative to a gas-powered motorcycle. They are examining new ways to make it easier for an average person to obtain an electric motorcycle until the cost dwindles as more and more people choose this form of transportation.

One of the newest ideas (in terms of electric motorcycles) is to offer owners a subscription plan. Manufacturers such as Damon envision 12, 36 and 48-month subscriptions much as we use when we buy a cell phone. Not only does this bring down the cost, but it makes it possible to trade a current model for a newer one when the subscription ends.

Maintenance Is at a Minimum

Electric motorcycles are low maintenance. No fiddling with dysfunctional parts. Just plug it in, charge it and go. Could not be easier.

Get Going Quicker

Gasoline-powered engines take time to reach the right torque and maximum power. Not so with electric motorcycles. They reach their peak power right away from zero RPMs. It is impossible to compare that to any gas-powered machine since its engine needs to be at maximum RPM. This is a major safety feature too. Consider a motorcyclist who needs to get out of the way of a potential accident. Since there’s no hesitation, the electric motorcycle is out of the line of impact quickly and efficiently.

Electric Motorcycles Are Comfortable

The most startling thing you notice is that electric motorcycles do not vibrate. For most bikers, it is a given that a gas-powered motorcycle vibrates as you ride and even when you stop at a traffic light. This does not happen with an electric motorcycle, and the result is a level of comfort you have never experienced before.

Another feature most motorcyclists will appreciate is the ability to adjust the height of the footrests and the handlebars when you are on the go. You simply push a button, and an adjustment makes it more comfortable.

They Are Convenient

There was a time that electric motorcycles were not all that convenient. For instance, there were fewer charging stations than there are today, and the bike’s range was short. All that has changed. Now, some bikes have a range of 200 miles, and the number of charging stations in large cities and small towns has increased tremendously.

No More Breaking the Bank to Buy Gas

People are now enjoying the comfort of staying home and having the world come to them. For instance, more and more individuals are working remotely, and daily tasks such as grocery shopping are no longer something you must handle. No more fighting traffic to get gas either with an electric motorcycle. You can plug it in at home, and the motorcycle will be charged when you are ready to leave for work or play. That is an enormous convenience.

Electric Motorcycles Eliminate Noise Pollution

This is an attractive feature and one that will make your neighbors happy. As with an electric car, there is some ambient noise but compared to a gas-powered motorcycle it is minimal. In some ways, it allows you to commune with your surroundings much as a glider does.

Silence Is Not Always Golden

There are problems associated with this aspect of an electric motorcycle, however. Just as your neighbor is unaware you are leaving your home, other drivers are not aware that you are riding beside them. For many motorists, the noise from a motorcycle alert them that you are there, giving them a heads up that they should not move over into an adjoining lane. Subtracting this aspect could potentially lead to more car accidents and increase the already enormous amount of motor vehicle legal cases.

If the motorcycle is silent, or nearly so, that heads-up will be missing, and this could be dangerous for a motorcyclist. It is not just motorists who will experience this. Pedestrians and bicyclists will also be unaware of your presence. Take that into consideration if you decide to buy an electric motorcycle.

Safety Features on an Electric Motorcycle

There are safety features currently being built into electric motorcycles that can save lives. As with automobiles, electric bike manufacturers are using AI and data assimilation to make it safer for riders. Some manufacturers are building in an advanced warning system that checks your surroundings to see if any dangers are present and warn you if an accident is imminent.

It is possible to buy warning systems for gasoline motorcycles. The biggest problem is their price tag and the lack of seamless integration with the motorcycle.

Saving the Planet One Step at a Time

If saving the planet is important for you, the use of an electric motorcycle is a big step forward. CO2 emissions are a large part of climate change, and without changing this aspect of gas-powered vehicles, younger generations will be introduced into a vastly different world. Right now, people have a choice.

Electric Motorcycles: The Downside

There are many reasons for converting to an electric motorcycle, however, there are downsides. One of the major problems is the cost. Not all manufacturers will offer subscription services, and not all riders will want them. The battery weight is on the high side, which means that it will be hard to carry a heavy load. Electric motorcycles also have a lower resale value than gasoline-powered bikes, and battery replacement can be extremely expensive with some models.




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