Amplifiear by Nonliner Studio – Amplify iPad’s Sound

One of the biggest complaints I have about the Apple iPad, other than me wasting hours playing with it, is the lack of a proper speaker and I’m not the only one with this complaint.  Sometimes, when I’m watching videos on the iPad, I put my hand behind the speaker and giving it a round shape to bounce the sounds toward the front, kind of lame but it does work somewhat.

Nonlinear Studio took the idea of using a hand as an amplifier, I guess I wasn’t the only one doing this, and made it into a neat little product.  The product is called “amplifiear” and it looks like a saucer or a plate that’s missing a quarter of the surface on one side.  Just snap it onto the back with built-in cut-outs and the sound gets bounced to the front (see video below for demonstration); when you’re done, just snap it out.

The Nonlinear Studio amplifiear started as a Kickstarter project and is now available online for $24.99 and comes in a variety of colors.  Why didn’t I think of making this into a product?



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