A Few Online Game Ideas That You Can Play to Earn Real Money

Video games don’t just have to be something you do in your spare time to unwind, they can actually earn you money. While making money from most video games isn’t necessarily easy, it is still possible. Every single gamer at some point or another has dreamed of making money from video games, so it’s fair to say that it can be a very competitive industry. Some games like those hosted on online casino sites on the other hand are very easy ways of making money.

This post will explore all of those mentioned above and more, offering a few game ideas that you can play to earn real money:

Casino Games

Casino games are one of the easiest and most popular ways of making money on the internet because anyone can use them as long as they are over a certain age. The age that’s required to play on most online casinos is 18, though this depends on the country that you live in. Casino games like bingo are especially popular because they can yield huge returns. A bingo client that’s used by a lot of online gamers is Blackout Bingo. You should learn how to play Blackout Bingo before investing money and getting started if you intend on using the game. It’s also a good idea to research the rules of bingo (and how the game works).

Farming Collectibles

In games like World of Warcraft and RuneScape, it’s possible to farm collectible items and then sell them for real-world cash. The trading of in-game items for money is prohibited in many games, but in others, it’s not. Before you go ahead and do this, then it is a very good idea first to research the game provider’s rules regarding it. If you are found to be doing this, and it is prohibited, your account could be permanently banned.

Leveling Up

Another effective way of making money from games like those mentioned in the previous section is to create high-level accounts and then sell them on. You can sell your account on an online forum or in a chat room. Again, the rules surrounding this differs from game to game. If you are caught doing this, you could have your account banned, and so too could the person buying the account off of you. Make sure to research the specific game’s rules so that you don’t fall afoul of them.

Game Testing

It’s possible to get paid to test video games. People are paid to test games in their beta stages, in order to see if there are any glitches or bugs that need to be fixed. Video game studios will pay testers massive amounts of money because ensuring that their games are created to a high standard is very important. If a video game studio releases a game that’s fraught with bugs, then they could get into a lot of trouble with their customers and anyone who has invested in the game.

Loyalty Programs

In recent years, games have been released that allow you to earn money by acquiring loyalty points, which you earn by playing games. The amount of money that you earn by playing these games is minimal, but adds up over time. You have to clock in a lot of game hours to make it meaningful, though. Some games will allow you to trade your loyalty points for coupons on Amazon or eBay. Others will pay you directly into your elected bank account or PayPal account. It is more common for them to pay into PayPal accounts than bank accounts because it is easier for them to do.


E-sports tournaments are video game tournaments, where teams of people compete against each other to achieve the highest score in a game. E-sports have risen in popularity over the last few years, with many professional gamers taking it very seriously. It’s not too surprising to hear that gamers are taking it seriously, since it can be extremely lucrative. If you intend on making money from e-sports, then you will need to find a team to join. You can also bet on e-sports, though you will need a professional bookie to do that.

Game Coaching

Another way of making money from video games is to coach people in playing them. The general idea of being a video games coach is to help people to become better at competitive games, such as those played in e-sports. Many e-sports teams rely on video game coaches to help them to brush up on their skills. In order to start making money as a video game coach, you need to brush up on your gaming skills and become an expert in a specific area of gaming (or with a specific game).

Game Streaming

If you want to make a lot of money from gaming, then you should consider streaming games live. Some people have made millions from doing this. You can stream games on any video platform, though Twitch is the most popular. If you are going to stream games, then you should invest in a camera and other streaming equipment, like a microphone and headphones. You will need a microphone so that you can narrate gameplay to your viewers. Many people just watch streamers for their personalities, rather than the gameplay itself. You make money through donations and sponsorships when you stream video games.

Online Tournaments

There are other tournaments online, unrelated to e-sports. E-sports tournaments don’t tend to be held online and are instead held inside large venues, at gaming conferences. You can participate in online video game tournaments and earn huge amounts of money. As with many of the methods outlined in this post, you do need to be a very good gamer in order to win in these tournaments, because you will be put up against many other gamers, who are very good. You may also have to pay a small amount of money in order to gain access to an online tournament.

Video games can earn you a living if you’re good enough at them. You can also make money from playing online casino games, like bingo. Whatever you do, make sure that you set aside time for it and take it seriously. You won’t be able to make money doing anything unless you take it seriously.




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