7 Sneakers You Need In Your Nike Collection

Whenever you’re walking around the streets of a city, you’re guaranteed to at least see a pair of Nike’s on most passerby’s. It’s one of the most iconic sneaker brands since its onset in 1964.

Throughout numerous campaigns and signature athletes that showcase the brand, Nike continues to dominate the sneaker game. It’s no wonder why people love collecting their shoes.

Sometimes they can be hard to come by. But if you get lucky, there are a few shoes you’ll want to add to your Nike collection. Let’s take a look at them below.

1. Air Force 1

Do you remember Nelly’s song “Air Force One“? It was a popular song in the early 2000s where Nelly glorified his love for the iconic Nike Air Force 1 shoe.

But it was way popular before that song came out. The Air Force 1 was created in the early 1980s as a basketball shoe and slowly transitioned to casual wear as the years passed.

These Nike sneakers gained popularity in cities like New York and Baltimore because of their crisp look. Although there are different colorways, the most notable color is the all-white pair.

You’ll have to work hard to keep these shoes squeaky clean. If there’s a spec of dirt on them anywhere, you won’t have the respect of fellow sneakerheads.

2. Nike Flyknit Racer

Nike unveiled its Flyknit line in 2012, and it was an innovative feat that no other sneaker company dared to reach. Ten years later, consumers can choose from over 50 different types of Nike Flyknit sneakers.

What separated Nike Flyknit sneakers from the rest was their design—it was seen as a performance shoe for marathon runners. However, it quickly became a fashion statement among the sneaker community because of its simplicity.

With a one-piece upper and sleek colorways, they blend effortlessly with any outfit you choose to put on that day. Plus, you can design your own colorway if you want a more personalized sneaker for your collection.

3. Air Max 1

When you’re collecting Nikes, the Air Max 1 is a shoe that shouldn’t be missing from your collection. This shoe started the beginning of the Nike Air cushioning technology we know and love today.

The first colorways were white and red—a bold statement during the 1980s when Tinker Hatfield created the design. However, colorway aside, Hatfield made the air unit visible, something we’ve never seen before.

These shoes have a puffy tongue and the right height, making them a great option to wear with pants. If you’re a jeans person, they’ll sit right on top of the shoe, allowing you to show off your swag to onlookers.

4. Air Jordan 1

There were signature basketball shoes before the Nike Air Jordan 1. But it’s safe to say the sneaker game wasn’t the same afterward.

We’re sure you can guess who the shoe gets its name after—one of, if not the greatest basketball player of all time—Michael Jordan. A lot was riding on this shoe because Nike put a lot of time and effort into its marketing campaign.

They fully backed Michael Jordan and collaborated with him to use his stardom to propel this shoe forward. He debuted it during a game playing for the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

When it hit retailers the following year, it sold out immediately. The iconic basketball with wings on the side of the shoe and the red/black colorway launched the sneaker into instant popularity.

What made the shoe even more legendary was that the NBA was against MJ wearing the sneakers because it violated the league’s sneaker policy at the time. However, Nike paid each fine MJ received for the violation.

5. Nike Blazer Mid

The Nike Mid Blazer is one of Nike’s most versatile shoes ever created. Its initial purpose was for basketball, with the original colorway supporting the Portland Trailblazers (hence the name).

But as the shoe grew in popularity, skateboarders became fascinated with it because of its looks and ankle support. These days, you can catch individuals wearing it as a casual shoe.

It has extra padding at the heel and tongue, and the rubber sole gives you additional support. You can find out more about this shoe by following the link provided.

6. Nike Air Max 90

The Nike Air Max 90 has been around for over 30 years and still dominates today’s sneaker landscape. You can count on it getting sold out whenever a new colorway gets released.

Everything about the shoe screams the 90s; the big check on the sides, a high padded tongue that makes it easy to wear with pants, and the classic air bubble on the sides.

If you want to be the talk amongst fellow sneakerheads, grab a few pairs of these shoes for your collection. However, you may have to go hunting and pay a hefty price because of their popularity.

7. Nike Air Force 1 Mid

If you don’t like low tops and think high tops are too clunky to wear around town, another option is the Nike Air Force 1 Mid. Like its low-top counterpart, you can wear this shoe for any activity.

Although they can be on the heavier side, your feet won’t hurt from wearing them for long periods. They’re also more durable than most sneakers, meaning you won’t have to replace them after a year or two of wear and tear.

Add These Sneakers To Your Nike Collection

Buying Nikes can be a head-scratcher because there are various shoes you can choose from. But if you want to have a high-level Nike collection, the shoes we mentioned in our guide should be the priority.

You could have some trouble locating them because of their popularity. However, don’t think about buying when you find them, just do it.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this article. To find other sneaker-related content, feel free to visit our blog.




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