7 Reasons Some Truck Drivers Love Their Jobs

Everyone is passionate about something, and believe it or not, many people are passionate about their jobs. While some find a way to turn their passion into income, other people find existing jobs that pay well and are fulfilling. Despite the grueling hours on the road, that’s exactly how some truck drivers feel about their job.

Although being a truck driver is challenging and demanding, it’s also highly rewarding. While the main rewards are psychological, there are also material rewards. For instance, some truck drivers buy their own used trucks from brokers like Maxim Truck & Trailer and become the owner/operator.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people have made a career out of driving commercial trucks across long distances, here are 7 of the biggest reasons.

1. Freedom

Nothing beats feeling free while earning your income. While truck drivers are technically working for someone else, they have a kind of freedom they can’t get from any other kind of job.

Traditional jobs can be frustrating, especially working in an office where you have distractions like being called to random meetings, being tapped on the shoulder, and getting texts from a coworker on Facebook. 

That’s in addition to a boss breathing down your neck, making sure you’re staying on task. When you work in a group environment, you always have to be ready to get pulled off task.

Even though they’re driving for someone else to deliver goods to another company, truck drivers don’t have to answer to anyone while they’re on the road. As long as they follow traffic laws, get their required breaks and rest in, and communicate major delays, they’re free to enjoy themselves as they drive. For those who love to drive, that’s a huge plus.

2. They can travel with their family

For truck drivers who have family members that like to be on the road, driving a truck gives them the ability to spend more time with their family and have long, deep conversations on their routes.

Traveling with a truck driver isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be fun for some. Not everyone has the ability to be on the road with a truck driver spouse or parent, but for those who do, it can be a lot of fun.

3. Self-employment is possible

Some truck drivers love their job even more when they become self-employed as an owner-operator. Self-employed truck drivers buy their own trucks, which gives them the freedom to work on their own schedule. All they need to do is pick up gigs. Others buy their own truck and then become subcontractors for existing companies, still choosing when they work.

The benefits of being a self-employed truck driver are huge. While driving can be stressful, there’s less psychological stress. For example, trucking companies often impose penalties on drivers for missing super-strict deadlines. Self-employed truck drivers don’t need to worry about that.

In this sense, it’s actually safer to be self-employed because many drivers are pressured to drive to exhaustion just to meet deadlines. They’re also able to maintain their trucks to high safety standards and don’t need to worry about their employer cutting corners by ignoring important maintenance tasks and repairs.

4. They can lease their truck

Sometimes truck drivers buy multiple trucks and lease them to other drivers who want to work for themselves or as subcontractors. The trucking industry is tough, and many drivers prefer to lease their own trucks in order to maintain freedom over their schedules. It’s an extra expense, but the freedom is worth the price.

5. They love the solitude

Some people love being in large crowds and surrounded by people most of the time. Other people were built to enjoy solitude. Truck drivers tend to be alone for anywhere between 20-40 hours or more. They may complete an entire round trip before making contact with people for more than a few minutes.

People who aren’t highly social and enjoy spending time alone make excellent truck drivers. Everyone is different, but for those who enjoy immense levels of solitude, driving a truck is a great gig.

6. Meeting people at truck stops is an adventure

If you’ve ever been to a truck stop, maybe on a long road trip, you’ve probably run into several characters. The truth is, truck stops are amazing places to meet people and connect. 

Often, truck drivers who take the same route frequently get to know the employees in the restaurants and main stores. There are also plenty of people to meet and other truck drivers to talk with.

Truck stops may not sound like a typical spot to meet people, but it’s actually one of the reasons truck drivers enjoy the job.

7. They love the scenery

Truck drivers literally get paid to stare out of a window. When driving cross-country, the views can be amazing. Highways often go through some interesting areas with mountains, hills, greenery, and interesting architecture. Even the deserts are beautiful. Driving a semi-truck or semi-trailer is one of the best ways to catch a good view of the world.

Of course, not all scenery is amazing. There are countless boring stretches of flat land with nothing but dirt for miles, but that’s easily offset by the beautiful scenery.

Truck drivers live to drive

Most truck drivers would agree that they live to drive. Their truck becomes their life and everything they do revolves around driving that truck.

It takes a specific type of person to drive a commercial truck for a living, and not everyone enjoys their job. Some truck drivers feel like the pay isn’t worth the grueling hours and others don’t like the pressure placed on them to meet delivery deadlines.

There will always be a divide in the industry between people who love being drivers and those who don’t. That’s typical with any industry, but those who love their job won’t be quitting anytime soon.



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