5 Blind Date Essentials for Men

Nowadays, most couples meet online; that’s just the modern dating world. Because of this, most dates are essentially “blind dates,” even if you’ve spent plenty of time texting on the apps or phone; maybe you’ve even had a phone or video call. But the fact remains when you meet in person for the first time; it’s still your first meeting; no matter how well you feel, you two know no one. To that end, first impressions in person are critical. While it’s always best, to be honest on apps about your appearance and who you are, you still want to put your best foot forward on your blind date by being the best version of yourself. Keep reading for all the essentials you’ll need to nail down before your big first date. 

Have Reasonable Expectations 

You don’t want to set your expectations too low for your date – we all deserve someone we’re compatible with and are attracted to – but you also don’t want to set your hopes too high. Walking into a blind date with neutral expectations is essential to keep an even keel and take the date and the connection at face value. Many people prefer to quickly line up dates they meet on apps to avoid building a false intimacy with someone they’re not compatible with through weeks of texting. 

Dress to the Nines 

While dressing to impress is important for your blind date, you also want to dress appropriately for whatever the date is, but no matter the type of date, dress to the nines. Typical first blind dates are coffee dates or a walk through a local park; somewhere public is always the best. Call for casual clothing for those casual day dates; opt for well-fitting, clean, comfortable, on-trend clothing. If your first date is at a restaurant, dress according to the code – but never over or underdress as they can be perceived as disinterest or overeagerness. 

Sensual Scents

One of the most influential senses when it comes to physical attraction may not be sight but, in fact, scent. Making sure you opt for a masculine scent, whether through cologne, deodorant, or body wash, is a key part of your grooming routine before your blind date. Of course, you’ll want to shave and trim your nails and nose hairs, but the scent is critical. If you plan on getting a haircut before your blind date, book one a week from your date; that way, any imperfections or things you didn’t like about the cut have a little time to grow out and correct themselves.

Deal With Nerves Naturally 

Combating fears before a blind date is normal, and wanting to curb them during the date is too – but try and do things naturally. If your date is at a bar, winery, or even a restaurant, try to curb your consumption so you can maintain your composure and make a great impression. Drinky on dates can be tricky, and you’d be turned off if your date got too intoxicated, so keep that in mind. If someone is a lightweight and gets a little too drunk but still has a great time, you can overlook it, but they may not. Additionally, imbibing too much can lead to certain behavior, and consent is essential; dealing with nervousness naturally is the way. 

Be Yourself, Always 

The key to a great first date is that both parties on the date are themselves. If you play a part, it will eventually come to light, so you must show up as the best version of yourself. Don’t lie about age, income, children, occupation, religion, or anything. While there is nothing wrong with keeping things private (it’s a first meeting, after all), you should honest and straightforward about whatever you decide to discuss. You are looking for someone who is a good fit, and so is your date; you owe it to yourself to remain authentic. 

Dating in the modern world can sometimes feel daunting and even harder to navigate. While blind dates have become the norm, that doesn’t mean they get any less nerve-wracking the more you go on. Prepare for your next one by including the above essentials in your list of preparations. Good luck!




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