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The Witcher 2 – Triss Merigold: Polish Playboy May 2011

Triss Merigold Playboy

The Polish seem to do things a little bit differently than the rest of the world. They ride horses into battle against legions of tanks, they create submarines with screen doors, and they promote their video games by having lead characters featured nude in Polish Playboy Magazine. Gone are the days of promoting their video games using good old-fashioned viral videos and Facebook marketing. Truthfully, I’m quite okay with this change.

Though The Witcher 2 features deep and engaging dialogue, and female characters with actual goals and ambitions, I’m glad to see a bit of sexiness like this. In most cases I would consider it a simple ploy to gain extra notoriety, and perhaps it is… but I mostly think the team was just having fun. Had their female characters simply been the typical damsels in distress that plague most video games and cinema, I would have thought otherwise, but in my books, CD Project has earned their right to promote their games using a bit of harmless smut. Triss Merigold, you look great.

Triss Merigold in Polish Playboy May 2011

Triss Merigold Nude Cover From Polish Playboy

Triss Merigold Bum Shot Polish PlayboyChances are that if you’re looking at these pictures, you’re doing so to gaze upon the technological prowess required to create such stunning renders of the female form. Triss Merigold seems to be chilling out after a hard day of demon slaying.

Triss Merigold Breasts Leaning Back Again Polish PlayboyThis shot is the female equivalent of a nearly nude man wearing a holster, pistols, and cowboy hat. Maybe this look is in vogue in the world that Geralt and Triss inhabit. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is how I lounge around my house.

Triss Merigold Breasts Leaning Back Polish PlayboyThis shot looks almost painted, and I really like the way the characters hair was done.

You can pick up your very own copy of the May issue of Polish Playboy on Polish newsstands… in… Poland.

(Source: Celebs Forums)

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SomeGermanKid 2011/05/09

About that information about “They ride horses into battle against legions of tanks”. Sorry but this is not true – see and particularily the paragraph starting:

“During the German
Invasion of Poland
in 1939, there is no evidence of
Polish Cavalry
mounting a brave but futile charge against German
using lances and sabres. ”


R Szydlik 2011/05/11

In fact, we did use cavalry against tanks BUT horses were dragging light ani-tank cannons, which was good way to loop enemy divisions and attack german tanks fram rear, where their armor was nuch thinner. Cannon dragged by horses where much faster and could better maneuvr than other kinds of atnitank weapons. Later, soviet propaganda wanted to demote the role of our forces during Second World War so they published movies where polish cavalery was charging tanks attacking them with sabres.


Qweqweqwe 2011/06/06


Now tell me, Mr. Szydlik , how many days did it take for Germans to completely overtake Poland?


Yebisu 2011/06/09

Russians? Invading? 17th? Helping Germans?I guess you know shit Mr.Bigmouth.


LOL 2011/08/06

You really are ignorant, aren’t you? The Polish didn’t even have a decent army at the time and you’re telling them THEY screwed up? On top of the fact that Germany promised not to invade any country, they really weren’t prepared. The policy of appeasement towards Hitler in Europe by Britain and France were the REAL screwups.


vla 2012/02/22

i just cant believe, again damn thing about poles attacking panzers with cavalry units,tryin to capture berlin.


Chad 2012/02/23

As you shouldn’t, because so far as I know, it didn’t actually happen. :)


Just Me 2012/02/22

Well… It took 6h to take Denmark by Nazi’s. We – Polish people – had some resistance against Germany.
And let’s not talk about role of Poles in WW II. Because, maybe you don’t know, we defended England in 1940. Polish airforce. We fought with this Nazi bastards.
I’m proud, that I’m a Pole.
Although Russia and Germany stood against us, we somehow survived.


wintercoat 2012/03/30

Pictures of a naked video game character abound. Hey guys, lets discuss the German invasion of Poland! Dafuq O.o


Herp 2012/04/16

I can’t believe you people are bitching about something that happened 80 years ago and not paying attention to DEM TITTIES.


Chris 2012/04/17

Never thought I’d be saying this for a character in a video game but….damn! Triss looking damn fine. Love how the shots look exactly like you’d see in a photoshoot with a real person. Dem titties, dat ass, etc.


Darth Winge 2012/04/21

Hmm, that’s some might fine rendering, mighty fine though the xbox 360 version is not quite that good.

Moving on to the serious point, I thought the polish did charge with sabres at tanks but this seems not to be the case. Only difference for britain is the channel which saved us, Nazi caught everyone with their pants down no matter what you did.


Genesis 2013/01/02

It isn’t as bad as you might think.. all you see is the breasts, you really don’t see the vagina that well. so if it were a movie it may be rated pg 13 if you go buy the movie: “The Notebook” there is mutliple times when you see the girls nipples. and that movies rated pg 13.


Chad 2013/01/02

You’re right, it’s really not that bad. I most certainly enjoyed it. :P


UR MUM 2013/01/26

All this shite about Poland screwing up is a bunch of crap, they were taken by surprise by two large armies, Germans at east, Russians at west, and still held out for nearly a month without surrender. Bitch, please!


Chad 2013/01/30

The Polish also invented a thing called “the joke”.


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