Strange Knock-Off Products From Around The World

Numa knock-off of Puma

A while back, I showed you guys. I’m sure many countries are guilty of taking copyrighted products and producing them without permission, but China is notorious for it, not only with cars but with virtually any product you can think of.

The original manufacturer may not be happy about this, but I’m sort of glad this practice takes place. I’m glad because after seeing the ridiculous names of some of the products, it brings a smile to my face and I seem to be in a better mood. Have a look below you’ll see what I mean. You’ll see that some of the knock-offs are actually from the US as well. I hope you enjoy viewing the products as much as I did.

Let’s start off with the Chinese Steve Jobs who introduces a knock-off of the iPad. Talk about attention to detail – check out the black turtle neck and faded jeans.

The more naughty version of M&M’s, the S&M’s.

Not as delicious as Oreos but certainly more boring?

I ‘LIKE’ this!

Which would you take? NUMA above or TUNA below? Decisions, decisions.

Hmmm, Red Bottle or Cerono Extra?

Who is more creative? Adidaz or Adadis?

I want to pronounce this as Coochie for some reason.

Who doesn’t want Tenderness Whiskey?

SONY’s 2nd cousin who got deported, SQMY.

This must have been some kind of terrible printing error.

Non-Fall Action Super Bat!

I wonder what Fabio has to say about this?

Robert to the rescue!

A few more about butter.


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