Look Like a D-Bag (Part II) – Heat Therapy Neck Massager


It only seems like yesterday when I brought you guys the Personal Cooling Fan which may have cooled you down but made the person wearing the device (in public) look like a compete jackass. Now, there is another similar looking product on the market which offers the same god awful looks but serves a completely different purpose. The Heat Therapy Neck Massager is your own little personal Swedish masseuse but without the happy endings.

We all suffer from neck pain at some point in our lives whether it’s from sports, kinky sex, or simply sleeping in an awkward position. This collar massager is supposed to take care of that annoying neck pains by delivering low-frequency electric pulses along with some heat. The neck massager provides six different combinations of vibrations and heat with invigorating options such as “pressing and rolling” of deep tissue massages and of course our favorite, the Swedish neck massage.

There are two elements built into the collar which are able to provide three levels of infrared heat to help the neck muscles relax. The neck massager can be set in five-minute increments and can provide a massage for up to half an hour. A two hour charge can keep the massager charged for 30 minutes using an AC adapter.

I think it’s a pretty neat device as long as it’s not worn in public. The heat therapy neck massager will set you back $149.95. If that’s too much, a cheaper alternative can be found on Amazon.

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