Handsome, Modern Byrd & Belle Device Cases


For those of you who are Apple users, there’s a good chance you’ve looked into a case to protect the large, fabulous, and exceptionally vulnerable screens on your technology. If you’re trying to find a simple, modern and extremely attractive alternative to the boring or tacky offerings currently on the market, check out these smart and understated felt cases by . Made for a number of different technologies, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your device – there are six separate styles in a range of colours. The line is the brainchild of Angie Davis, who creates every item by hand in Minneapolis out of sustainable wool and environmentally friendly dyed leather. If you don’t care about any of that stuff, the fact remains that the combination is thick, soft, reinforced, and most importantly, has killer good looks. See the full line of Byrd & Bell cases after the jump.

Handsome, Modern Byrd & Belle Device Cases

If you don’t know much about wool, check it out in these photos – it’s very thick, pliable, soft, and is excellent for resisting punctures. These device cases aren’t 100% bend proof (if your devices are in a situation where they’re going to get bent or crushed, you probably should have just left them at home,) but the springy wool felt is able to absorb the impact of a fall or a strike. I love Davis’ use of button snaps – they’ll easily fumble open or closed with one hand, but are strong and secure. Touches of leather protect spots that will garner slightly more wear, but aesthetically they remind me of the patches on a professors jacket – classy, functional, and a great look for any guy. These awesome pieces start at $30 usd, and nothing goes over $80.

The ipod cases are slick and functional, with a solution for wayward tangled earbuds.

Ipad cases look like soft file folios and are the perfect size to be slipped in a bag or briefcase.

there's a snapless version as well.

the iphone case has small pouches for wallet functionality

Mac Book Pro cases are more secure and have a more scholarly look

and the Mac Book Air cases are masterfully simple.

Byrd & Belle's loft workshop space

Creator Angie Davis of Byrd & Belle assembling one of the felt and leather cases

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