Golden Pill Makes Your Poop Glitter


The slang phrase “he’s got money coming out the wazoo” is actually pretty accurate thanks to these golden pills. Apparently they have been around for a few years now but I somehow missed it. If you got money to shit out, this product right here is your golden ticket. Dubbed as the Gold Pill, it’s a capsule pill that has been dipped in gold and filled with 24-karat gold leaf.

Besides making your poop sparkle, there really is no point to this product. If you got $425 to digest, I say go for it.


  1. Mr. Puberty says

    I’m inventing puberty pills!
    They will beat the glittering poop pills!

    (And run them out of business)

  2. says

    I have eaten the golden pills and also the diamond ones. I brought them from India already many years ago. The idea of it originally is – and this receipe is over 5000 years old – you burn the gold or diamond powder in a high temperature with other herbs many hindreds of times. Then get this medicine. Which balances automatically all other stuff in your body and prolongs the life. Its not that you shit it out. Actually it all stays in your body for years.

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